Square Dining Table With 8 Chairs. Folding Table Legs Hardware. Nelson End Table.

Square Dining Table With 8 Chairs

square dining table with 8 chairs

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Dining table with 8 chairs and china cabinet

Dining table with 8 chairs and china cabinet

Solid wood set, very heavy. Comes with 4 wood chair and 4 leather chairs. 59" diameter, very rare square dining table. Originally costs $5000+, now asking for $3000. You have to see it in person to appreciate its beauty.

Dining room cropped Joy

Dining room  cropped  Joy

RARE FIND! Different Glowing 8 seater square dining table and 8 riempie chairs with cushions Yellow wood and blackwood from South Africa RARE find.. Closest offer to $1000 gets this-

square dining table with 8 chairs

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