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Clarke floor machines - Heavy duty floor mats - Electric or water underfloor heating.

Clarke Floor Machines

clarke floor machines

    floor machines
  • (Floor Machine) A power-driven machine equipped with a scrubbing or buffing brush used to clean or polish floors.

  • Clarke is an Irish surname from County Galway that spread to County Donegal and County Dublin. The name is derived from the Irish Gaelic sept O'Cleirigh, meaning "clerk". There are variants, including Clark. Clarke is an uncommon given name. People with the name Clarke include: * A. E.

  • A. Clarke (first name and details unknown) was a cricketer. He was a right-arm fast bowler who played for Leicestershire.

  • (Clarkes) Vybz Kartel FT. Popcann & Gaza Slim Put it out deh sey di style mad an if you kno konw it Clarkes a de real ting!!!! Clarkes , Bank Rabba, if you kno know get familiar Straight Gaza

  • Sir Arthur C. (1917–2008), English science fiction writer; full name Arthur Charles Clarke. He wrote, with Stanley Kubrick, the screenplay for the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

The Story of a Yotoy- a Sad Tale with a Happy Ending!

The Story of a Yotoy- a Sad Tale with a Happy Ending!

This little doll, which stands 4cm, has a very intriguing story full of sadness, pain and solitude.
Some of you may recognise her as a small doll, a secret toy, made to fit into a compartment within a pair of ‘Clarks’ girl’s shoes. I must admit I had never heard of them till I googled ‘Yotoy’, the name on her shoes.
Her story begins about a year ago- a boy at the school where I work returned from the toilet, chewing something. I asked him to spit it out, which he did, into my hand. It was a shoe, a little white shoe, for a right foot. I asked him where he had found it and he told me he had picked it up from the floor in the boy’s toilets. (Ugh!!!) ‘Has anyone lost a shoe?’ I asked the class. No-one had, so I put it into my pocket, and forgot about it until it turned up in my washing machine.
In October, in the same classroom, I saw another boy chewing on something, during the lesson. I asked him what he was eating and was very surprised when it turned out to be a tiny headless body- dressed in a pink bikini- and wearing one little white shoe, on its left foot! I was astounded! Did it match the one I had at home, now sitting on my ‘printer’s tray’?
Then last week, when I was looking up a word in an old dictionary, in the same classroom, lo and behold, stuck between pages in the ‘M’ section, what did I find, but a pretty little head of blonde hair! Could it be? Well of course it was!
We can only guess at what had happened, (apparently it is common for them to fall out of the secret compartment) - how she had been lost, torn apart and hidden. At least the story has a happy ending.
Although it would be happier if only I could find her arms!

The 365 Toy Project 71/365

Using this Crazy Old Floor Cleaning Machine

Using this Crazy Old Floor Cleaning Machine

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Today I Enjoyed... Using this Crazy Old Floor Cleaning Machine to clean my parents' floor. It's just such a funny old thing it made laugh and smile. I guess it belonged to my grandad, it still works and is super-awesome in the cleaning department. ...and before you ask, No, I will not come to your house and clean your floors. :)

clarke floor machines

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