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Polyurethane Floor Polish - Hardwood Flooring Mn - Konecto Flooring Prices.

Polyurethane Floor Polish

polyurethane floor polish

    floor polish
  • A temporary coating that enhances the appearance and protects the substrate to which it is applied. Also called Floor Finish, Floor Wax.

  • any of various polymers containing the urethane radical; a wide variety of synthetic forms are made and used as adhesives or plastics or paints or rubber

  • A polyurethane (IUPAC abbreviation PUR, but commonly abbreviated PU) is any polymer consisting of a chain of organic units joined by urethane (carbamate) links.

  • A synthetic resin in which the polymer units are linked by urethane groups, used chiefly as constituents of paints, varnishes, adhesives, and foams

  • Any of various polymeric resins containing urethane links; used in very many industrial and domestic applications

1 of 12: Open Windows

1 of 12: Open Windows

We're in the middle of having the floorboards on the ground floor of the house sanded and polished. Yesterday was the first day of work by the floor dude, and when we got home he'd already done all the nail punching and the first bit of sanding. Today he'll be doing a little tidying on the stairs (it would have been difficult and expensive to have them sanded back, so they'll basically be sealed) and doing sanding edges. Then Wednesday through Friday he'll be putting on the polyurethane sealing stuff. We'll be at a dog-friendly guest house for that, but we were home last night. And we weren't expecting how awful it would smell with just the sanding done! So we slept with all the windows in the house open, despite the autumnal temperatures.

Floor(Sole) Plan

Floor(Sole) Plan

This is the interior plan of "Bluebonnet."
Some pieces appear to be elevated, tho they actually have beams under them that other pieces do not when removed. There are 17 pieces to the floor system. The larger 5 pieces have 12 coats of Interlux clear polyurethane varnish, and are polished through a series of grits to 4000 grit. It doesn't necessaily show, but they shine like a Steinway piano. The smaller pieces aren't there yet, but will be in about 5 more coats. Part of the 43 quarts of varnish I've used.

polyurethane floor polish

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