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Scraped Hardwood Floor. Commercial Building Floor Plan.

Scraped Hardwood Floor

scraped hardwood floor

    hardwood floor
  • (Hardwood Floors) Engineered, pre-finished, click and laminate.

  • Non-resilient flooring of maple, pecan, oak, beech, and various other hardwoods.

  • Wood flooring is any product manufactured from timber that is designed for use as flooring, either structural or aesthetic. Bamboo flooring is often considered a wood floor, although it is made from a grass (bamboo) rather than a timber.

  • Push or pull a hard or sharp implement across (a surface or object) so as to remove dirt or other matter

  • Use a sharp or hard implement to remove (dirt or unwanted matter) from something

  • Apply (a hard or sharp implement) in this way

  • (scrape) abrasion: an abraded area where the skin is torn or worn off

  • (scrape) a harsh noise made by scraping; "the scrape of violin bows distracted her"

  • (scrape) scratch repeatedly; "The cat scraped at the armchair"

scraped hardwood floor - Hand-scraped Bamboo

Hand-scraped Bamboo Flooring Congo Floors Bamboo 9/16" Floor "GREEN" Prefinished Hardwood

Hand-scraped Bamboo Flooring Congo Floors Bamboo 9/16

Hand-Scraped Rainforest Conservation by Premium Green Bamboo. I go over: Both concrete or wooden subfloors. I can be: Glued, Floated, Nailed, or Stapled down. I am: Engineered Bamboo. 9/16" x 7 1/2" x 74 13/16th". Janka Hardness Rating: 1410, Grain Orientation: Horizontal, Tongue & Groove Type: Precision milled 4 sided tongue and groove, Edge Design: Micro-Beveled, Square Feet per carton: 31.09, Structural Placement: Above, Below and on Grade, RadiantHeat: Yes, Warranty: Lifetime Structure/50year defect/25 year wear. Rainforest Conservation Collection. Extra wide Real Bamboo planks, authentic handscraping techniques and hand rubbed tonals create the difference. This is the latest in handscraping and surface treatments and the look is phenominal. Pre-finished ready for use. You can install in just one day.

82% (12)

Solid hand scraped hickory flooring

Solid hand scraped hickory flooring

Hand distressed solid hickory flooring, with cherry stain.

solid hand scraped hickory flooring

solid hand scraped hickory flooring

Solid hand scraped hickory flooring with cherry stain.

scraped hardwood floor

scraped hardwood floor

Hand Scraped Click Lock 4-3/4

DH309P Specifications: -Construction: Engineered. -Species: Hickory. -Color: Tuscany. -Material: 5 - Plywood. -Installation Type: Nail, Glue, Staple. -Edges: Seal-Lock Micro-Beveled. -Surface Type: Hand Scraped. -Light sensitivity: Moderate. -Finish: 7 - Layer Aluminum Oxide. -Width: 4.75''. -Length: 47.25''. -Thickness: 0.5''. -Pieces per Carton: 16. -Square Feet per Carton: 24.94 sq ft. -Carton Per Pallet: 32. Related Trim: -Carpet Reducer: DH309CRP. -Hard Surface Reducer: DH309HSRP. -Stair Nose: DH309SNP. -Quarter Round: DH309QR. -T-Molding: DH309TM. -Wall Base: DH309WB. Installation Instructions Warranty

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