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Miami camera shops - D70 nikon camera.

Miami Camera Shops

miami camera shops

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miami camera shops - In the

In the Spirit of Miami Beach

In the Spirit of Miami Beach

What Venice was to the world at the Renaissance period, so Miami is to the world today. An active melting pot of cultures, where Art Deco rivals with Spanish Baroque, where artists mingle with athletes, models, and socialites, where South Americans and Eastern Europeans sit together for espressos on Ocean Drive.

This book explores Miami Beach style, from the mythical Lincoln Road to the Art Basel Miami, one of the leading international art fairs. With an in-depth look at its historical past as well as its present-day glamour, In The Spirit of MIami Beach elegantly captures the city's vibrant personality and cultural jubilance. With a jubiliant text by the noted author, entertainer, and bon vivant David Leddick, this rich volume brings one of the world's hottest destinations to colorful life. The book ends with a selective guide on all the hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, spas, which are to discover for a "stylish Miami."

77% (5)

Cigar Town, USA

Cigar Town, USA

A video shot at a small cigar factory at Miami's famous 8th St. In "La Calle Ocho" is where most of Cuban exiles choose to have their factories or at least a token front when dealing with cigars. Tobacco is planted the world over and cigars are rolled everywhere that plant is harvested but for reasons I'm sure many people are unaware of, Cuba has an overwhelming preponderance when it comes to tobacco and particularly cigar’s topmost quality. Connoisseurs say the tobacco from this island is the best there is and name the plants, soil and microclimate as the main reasons. But debatable as these may be there is little doubt on who makes the best cigars in America. Another elusive dictum is why Cubans choose Miami as their Cosa Nostra. It can’t be just geographical proximity (the city of Key West is about 130 miles closer). But the thing is this is the city where you can find the best Cuban made cigars, and in all of Miami, in “La Ocho” is where you find them en masse.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Sandy Cobas, owner of “El Titan de Bronze” for so graciously allowing me to invade her factory and so patiently field my obnoxious questioning. I would also like to thank all of her generous staff that unflinchingly went around their normal business with a short focal lens camera over their heads, arms and shoulders and a blinding LED light shinning on their eyes. Special thanks to Don Jose Paredes for taking so much time to explain me the ins and outs of the shop. Thanks also to Luis Gallardo, Pedro Vazquez, Orlando Guerra, Juan Manuel Diaz and Martica Payan whom make the magic happen. Last but not least, thanks to my dear brother-in-law, Laurent Lecuyer, for so disinterestedly providing me with the better 50% of this film in the form of the gorgeous score that is a work in progress of his, soon to appear in a new album by a famous Venezuelan Jazz singer.

MOCA...Museum of Contempory Art, North Miami FL

MOCA...Museum of Contempory Art, North Miami FL

I was walking with my camera near my home and noticed the museum complex newly. Having my camera round my neck makes me see more! And appreciate more colors and shadows.

Designed by architect Charles Gwathney, the Museum of Contemporary Art at Goldman Warehouse covers 9000 square feet of gallery space. The museum has a permanent collection of 400 works, all contemporary art. Committed to art, the museum tries to make it available through lectures, programs, talks, films, docent programs, and art classes for children. The Museum of Contemporary Art at Goldman Warehouse gift shop has a great collection of art books, designer jewelry and exceptional merchandise like Warhol magnets, Buddha Bank, penguin lamp and seal pens, all with a modern and eclectic twist.

miami camera shops

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