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Good Cheap Dslr Camera - Canon Digital Rebel Xs 10.1mp Digital Slr Camera.

Good Cheap Dslr Camera

good cheap dslr camera

    dslr camera
  • A digital single-lens reflex camera (digital SLR or DSLR) is a digital camera that uses a mechanical mirror system and pentaprism to direct light from the lens to an optical viewfinder on the back of the camera.

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Photo taken with Canon PowerShot A590IS with CHDK installed.

On the upper right is a 100% view on the in-camera jpg, bottom right is the converted raw file. In camera setting is custom, with contrast, saturation and sharpening lower than the standard setting. I applied some wavelet denoising to the raw file, but less than the camera did to the jpg. Compared to the in-camera jpg it has even lower saturation and some high-pass sharpening. Better in my opinion. Shadow detail is improved as well. Noise at ISO 80 is comparable to a recent DSLR set at ISO 800-1600. OK for smallish prints.

Full manual mode, focussing in macro mode, the lens is probably not at its best at this distance. Exif data is copied from in-camera jpg.

RAW may or may not be interesting to have on a point&shoot, but other CHDK capabilities make the install worth the while in my opinion. The full picture version is the one converted from raw.

Lighting: One Nikon SB800 and one Metz MZ 40 bounced off the ceiling, MZ40 integrated mini-flash directed towards Luna. Flashes positioned right and left from Luna. The AS590 flash is manually set to minimum power and is not contributing to the lighting, it only triggered the two other flashes. Yes, off-camera flash is possible even without a hotshoe! :-)

Need help with new camera choice

Need help with new camera choice

I'm looking for a new camera - I gave my old one to the boys... I'm looking for something small, compact, powerful with a good macro capability and zoom. I'm a lover of the Canon S2 and S3 IS. I heard the S5 is not worth the money. I'm thinking about the SX10 IS or something similiar.

Where I'm going in Afghanistan it wouldn't be practical to have a DSLR with lenses and other accessories. I was in a local camera shop yesterday and I liked a few of the canons and Olympus cameras - I saw one tiny Olympus that was the righ size but it felt cheap....

So, put yourself in my shoes...what camera would you get...one that can fit in a lare pocket/pouch and takes good macro....??? You have to answer quick, though, as I'm leaving very soon...

good cheap dslr camera

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