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Dog Kennel End Tables - Folding Bistro Table

Dog Kennel End Tables

dog kennel end tables

    dog kennel
  • A kennel is the name given to any structure or shelter for dogs. A kennel is a doghouse, run, or other small structure in which a dog is kept.

    end tables
  • are small tables typically placed beside couches or armchairs. Often lamps will be placed on an end table.

  • Usually bought in pairs, they accent the style of the coffee table or other furniture. Usually placed at the end of the sofa, it is a very important piece of a living room set.

dog kennel end tables - Planet Petco

Planet Petco Natural Wood Dog Crate

Planet Petco Natural Wood Dog Crate

Planet Petco Natural Wooden Dog Crates - Furniture Dog Crates from petco.comOur Planet Petco Natural Wood Dog Crate is constructed of Hevea or rubber wood which is a sustainable natural resource and a great alternative to harvested forest woods. These wooden dog crates are beautifully designed to integrate with your home decor. The Planet Petco Natural Wood Dog Crate doubles as a nightstand or side table for utmost convenience. Dogs, being natural cave dwellers, love to have a quiet, semi-enclosed spot to call their own for napping and bedtime. Add a crate pad, blanket or pillow to create a snly den for your dog.Planet Petco is committed to bringing natural, safer and healthier products to you and your pets that not only benefit your pet in the short run - but the planet in the long run. These furniture dog crates have no added chemicals and come to you in 70% recycled packaging that is, of course, recyclable. Growing Hevea wood is one of the best methods for sustainable agriculture in tropical regions, and helps reduce the demand for wood from slow growing forests. We're getting back to basics with our Planet Petco line, introducing pure and simple ideas that help you benefit your pet and give back to our planet. Buy with confidence!

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Raymond Traylor aka ''Big Boss Man'' Tribute Collage

Raymond Traylor aka ''Big Boss Man'' Tribute Collage

Have no shame in admittin' I was a big WWF fan and Ray(excludin' ''British Bulldog'' and ''One Man Gang'' who like Ray didn't get the credit they so deservered) was one of my favourite wrestlers.

Ray aka ''Big Boss Man'' was born Raymond Traylor on May 2nd 1963 in Marietta, Georgia USA he is best known for being a former prison guard/correction officer turned professional wrestler who used his former profession as a way of serving justice to troublemaking wrestlers who caused trouble, Ray himself was a great family man who enjoyed helping out with several charities including many in his hometown Marietta,GA.

Ray started his wrestling career in 1985 for the N.W.A. and got his first big break in the sport as Jim Cornette's Bodyguard, Big Bubba Rogers.

In April 1987 a 6ft 7 300 and 50 pound Raymond Traylor under his ''Bodyguard'' name Big Bubba Rogers won the U.W.F. World championship from The One Man Gang.

Ray then signed with the WWF in 1988 and made his debut in June of that year. He wrestled as ''The Big Bossman'', taking his indentity from the time he spent as a Prison Guard in Cobb County, GA.

Ray stayed with the World Wrestling Federation until early 1993 and by the end of the year he debuted in WCW(World Championship Wrestling) as The Boss. He then competed as ''The Guardian Angel''(My personal favourite), before returning as his very first gimmick ''Big Bubba Rogers'', and under his real name Ray Traylor while in the WCW(World Championship Wrestling) federation.

Ray made a great return to the WWF(World Wrestling Federation) in October 1998 and went on to win the Hardcore title (4x) and World Tag Team Championship with Ken Shamrock. He wrestled in the WWF/WWE until 2002, and from there went on to train upcoming wrestlers for the WWE in Ohio Valley Wrestling. He returned to wrestling in the Independent scene and Japan in 2004. Ray sadly passed away of a heart attack at his home on Sept. 22 '04 he was only 42, he will always be remembered as a great, tough, and no-nonsense wrestler that cared about his fans and gave Hard Time to his opponents

Some info for those that don't know

Before Wrestling
Ray was a prison guard in Marietta, Georgia and gave that up to pursue a career in professional wrestling.. Ray did a few squash matches (losing end) in Verne Gagne's AWA most notably getting squashed by King Kong Bundy..

National Wrestling Alliance
Ray got his big break as "''Big Bubba Rogers''", the bodyguard of Jim Cornette in the National Wrestling Alliance.. Ray then competed as "The War Machine" at the second War Games event on the team of The Four Horsemen.. Ray left the National Wrestling Alliance after a dispute over his paycheck..

Universal Wrestling Federation aka UWF

April 19, 1987--UWF (Mid South):
Ray under the name ''Big Bubba Rogers'' defeats One Man Gang to capture the UWF World Heavyweight title..

July 11, 1987--UWF (Mid South): "Dr. Death" Steve Williams defeats ''Big Bubba'' to win the UWF World Heavyweight title..

World Wrestling Federation aka WWF

July 31, 1988 - Wrestlefest:
Ray under his new stage name ''The Big Bossman'' defeats Scott Casey..

August 28, 1989 - Summerslam:
''The Big Bossman'' defeats Koko B.Ware..

October 29, 1988 - SNME:
''The Big Bossman'' defeats Jim Powers..

World Wrestling Federation - Twin Towers
''The Big Bossman'' forms a tag team with Akeem calling themselves "''The Twin Towers''" managed by Slick..

February 3, 1989 - The Main Event II:
Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage defeats Akeem & The Big Bossman w/Slick..

April 2, 1989 - Wrestlemania V:
The Twin Towers defeat The Rockers (Marty Jannetty & Shawn Michaels)..

May 27, 1989 - SNME:
Hulk Hogan defeats The Big Bossman in a "Steel Cage" match to retain the WWF title..

August 28, 1989 - Summerslam:
Jim Dan & Demolition defeat Andre the Giant & The Twin Towers..

November 25, 1989 - SNME:

"The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes defeatS The Big Bossman..

January 21, 1990 - Royal Rumble:
"Hacksaw" Jim Dan defeats The Big Bossman by DQ..

Late 1989: The Twin Towers break up and The Big Bossman turned face and had a brief feud with his former partner..

World Wrestling Federation - under name ''Babyface Bossman''

April 1, 1990 - Wrestlemania VI:
The Big Bossman defeats his former ''Twin Towers'' partner Akeem..

April 28, 1990 - SNME: The Big Bossman defeats Akeem by Disqualification..

November 23, 1990 - SNME:
Mr. Perfect defeats The Big Bossman by Countout..

January 19, 1991 - Royal Rumble:
The Big Bossman defeats The Barbarian..

March 24, 1991 - Wrestlemania VII:
The Big Bossman defeated Mr. Perfect (IC Champ) by Disqualification..

October 3, 1991 - Royal Albert Hall:
Earthquake (John Tenta) defeats The Big Bossman..

August 26, 1991 - Summerslam:
The Big Bossman defeats The Mountie in a "Jailhouse" match..

April 5, 1992 - Wrestlemania 8:
Jim Dan/Sgt Slaugh

Looking for a home, toys a +

Looking for a home, toys a +

My foster kid Nash loves to play with toys and unfortunately, shortly after he moved in, selected Beams favorite toy – a purple bear – and carried it around in his mouth. Beams was not happy about that so he grabbed one end of the toy and I could tell a conversation was underway. This is what I think I heard:

Beams: That’s mine.
Nash: Hey, it was on the floor and she told me whatever is on the floor is fair game.
Beams: Yes, but she didn’t mean my purple bear.
Nash: How ‘bout we share?
Beams: How ‘bout you pick another toy or I’ll kick your ass right out of here.
Nash: Got ya – the yellow bear it is.
Beams: Round one to me!

On Saturday, I took Nash to Petsmart for tabling and Beams came along for the ride and a little shopping. I found two long, furry sausage looking squeaky toys – perfect - one for Beamer and one for Nash. With Beams approval, both were purchased and we returned home. Once home, Beams had a ball with these toys on the patio. For an 82 lb. dog, he’s certainly agile when he twirls, leaps, and then grabs that poor sausage toy and squeaks the hell out of it. Ice and Daisie Mae yawned and took a nap. At 1:00 p.m. I picked up Nash from Petsmart, brought him home, and introduced him to the sausage squeaky toys. The boy went wild. One at a time, the toys were transported back and forth through the doggie door, Nash chomping all the while to make them squeak. At this point, Beamer was content to watch his buddy enjoy the new toys, but after a while he wanted to join in. Nash was having none of that. This is what I think I heard:

Nash: Back off buster, these are my toys.
Beams: Hey, wait a minute, she bought one for you and one for me. I don’t mind which one you pick, but one of them is mine
Nash: Oh yeh, try and take one, I dare you. In fact I double dare you. GROWL
Beams: Oh yeh, smart ass, just remember you’re a foster kid, she can dump your butt back at the kennel any time
Nash: Growl – dream on big boy, that ain’t gonna happen. She just bought me a new collar to match my fabulous fur coat.
Beams: Well, how ‘bout we share?
Nash: How ‘bout you play with your precious purple bear and leave me alone to play with BOTH of my toys.

Round two to Nash.

Nash is so enamored with these toys that he plopped both of them on his bed and slept with them last night. Come 3:00 a.m., I’m awakened by squeaking and romping in the bedroom. Mom rules. Both toys were hidden in my closet and finally, all five of us slept.
How can anyone not live with a greyhound!

Foster Mom and Mom: Glenda

dog kennel end tables

dog kennel end tables

DenHaus TownHaus Indoor Dog House and End Table, Espresso, Large

Comfort for the whole family is easy with the TownHaus, a finely-crafted end table that does double duty as a home for your dog. The perfect complement to any room, this skillfully crafted end table brings beauty to your home, comfort to your life and peaceful rest for your dog. Linear frame, removable door and molding are skillfully crafted out of wood and finished in a rich, beautiful espresso stain. The TownHaus is exceptionally sturdy to handle everyday living and abundantly cozy to keep your dog safe and snug. The uniquely designed removable door allows the option to let dogs come and go freely. Perfect wooden dog crate for dogs or cats to sleep in or to hide a litter box . Finish is non-toxic and free of mercury, lead, cadium and chromium. It won't crack, and wood veneers adhere well to it, which results in high quality product for you.

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