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Ride A Tandem Bike - Recumbent Bicycle Frames.

Ride A Tandem Bike

ride a tandem bike

    tandem bike
  • The tandem bicycle or twin is a form of bicycle (occasionally, a tricycle) designed to be ridden by more than one person. The term tandem refers to the seating arrangement (fore to aft, not side-by-side), not the number of riders. A bike with two riders side-by-side is called a sociable.

  • A journey made on horseback, on a bicycle or motorcycle, or in a vehicle

  • sit and travel on the back of animal, usually while controlling its motions; "She never sat a horse!"; "Did you ever ride a camel?"; "The girl liked to drive the young mare"

  • A person giving someone a lift in their vehicle

  • A motor vehicle

  • drive: a journey in a vehicle (usually an automobile); "he took the family for a drive in his new car"

  • a mechanical device that you ride for amusement or excitement

ride a tandem bike - Nowhere



Oxfordshire quartet Ride quickly rose to prominence in 1989, driven by the chart success of its first three EPs, the intensity of its live shows, and a hypnotic and moody sound that presaged alt-rock's ascendance. In October 1990, the band released its first full album Nowhere, a tour de force of intertwining guitars, intimate but otherworldly vocals, and open-ended lyrics. Two decades later, the album still resonates and remains one of the era's high-water marks. Never originally released on vinyl in the U.S. Matches the original UK album with original embossed LP jacket. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl. This year is the 20th anniversary of the album's release.

Ride was an essential element of the wall-of-sound, trippy, melodic shoe-gazing movement of the early '90s. Nowhere is their best album and is one of the prettiest albums of that era. Songs are psychedelic wash of reverberation, and ghostly, passive vocal melodies. Born from the womb of My Bloody Valentine distortion, Ride tempers their sound with an easier melody, reaching across to the pop spectrum. "Vapour Trail" stands out as the leader of the pack--a gorgeous song that floats and drones in and out of your head like a cleansing fog. --Beth Bessmer

76% (5)

there's something about being outside in the scrambled colors of autumn, under a blue cloud-scudded sky, with the call of hawks and the scramblings of small creatures, just me and Tim riding a tandem bike, and passing the occasional dog-on-leash, coasting down woodsy hills and under canopies of orange and azure, stopping to gulp water and me on the back gazing around while we ride, making video shorts and chatting into the wind, and feeling completely high on it all, that is so deliciously filling and sacred and amazing to me.

tandem bike

tandem bike

Green woman starting to ride again. That old style tandem bike is unique and can't be seen everyday in Jakarta.

The uniform in that man usually used by Moslem guy who want to take a prayer in Mosque. In his neck, that cloth with square pattern called 'Sarung'.

Too bad the focus is not 'right' too.

ride a tandem bike

ride a tandem bike


Pack your bags for a fast and funny hip-hop road trip from the hit-making producers of HOUSE PARTY! When an outrageous busload of wanna-be rappers from Harlem hits the highway following promises of fame and fortune, they end up having the misadventure of a lifetime! Crammed into a ratty old bus and given only 24 hours to make it to Miami, either they'll make it big ... or they're making a big mistake! With a hot cast -- featuring Malik Yoba (SOUL FOOD, COP LAND), Melissa De Sousa (THE BEST MAN), and Cedric the Entertainer (THE ORIGINAL KINGS OF COMEDY, BIG MOMMA'S HOUSE) -- and a sizzling soundtrack featuring the Wu-Tang Clan, Onyx, and Naughty By Nature -- it's laugh-out-loud entertainment! So hop aboard and get ready to party while you enjoy the ride!

When Leta (Melissa De Sousa) gets a job as an assistant to a big-time rap video director, she doesn't realize her duties will consist of chaperoning a bus full of would-be rap stars from Harlem. Ride follows this collection of hip-hop misfits on a smelly, broken-down charter bus that they have to take to get to Miami for a video shoot in 24 hours. Naturally, there's bickering, breakdowns, impromptu jam sessions, and a lot of bonding. Leta finds an ally in Poppa (Malik Yoba), an old friend of the music producer who wants to start a program for youth in the inner city. Meanwhile, Poppa's younger brother has stolen a backpack full of money from a couple of thieves who are not happy about it and are tracking him down--but story isn't really the point in Ride. This is a movie about elaborate insults and verbal riffs, a nonstop flow of talk ranging from the bad-girl back and forth of a female rap duo to the crazed mixture of bragging and trash from the middle-aged bus drivers who cast an unfazed eye at these aspiring ghetto stars. Fleshed out with scatological humor, loony dream sequences, and a soundtrack featuring the Wu-Tang Clan, Onyx, and Naughty by Nature, Ride is slapdash but entertaining. Also featuring cameos from Snoop Doggy Dog, Dr. Dre, Downtown Julie Brown, Redman, and others. --Bret Fetzer

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