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Buy Baby Furniture

buy baby furniture

    baby furniture
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25 weeks

25 weeks

All week long, I think of things to include in the caption. And then forget everything by the time I upload.

Let's see ...

I'm starting to feel inconvenienced by my belly. It's not as easy to get up and down from the floor.

Oh, and the never-ending trips to the bathroom. I didn't really notice a huge difference until this week.

I had a two-night business trip scheduled this week. On Sunday afternoon, I was bawling. I didn't want to be away from home and from Thom for that long. Where did THAT come from? (Right. Hormones.)

We've started to call the kid Thumper, now that I feel him kicking around all the time.

I bought my first baby clothes this week. I think this is the first baby ANYTHING that I've purchased, actually.

Time to make a registry. Which means time to choose car seats, strollers, etc. OMG TOO MUCH CHOICE. Seriously paralyzing.

Time to buy stuff for the baby's bedroom too. We've gone back and forth about buying new vs. repurposing and using a loaner crib. I can't see spending the money on baby stuff that we won't use for long. But I know that Thom dreams of having a room full of matching furniture. Our compromise - really just figured out this week - is that we will buy furniture when the kid is a KID. A twin bed, bureau, desk. Which makes more sense than spending money on a crib, dresser, changing table combo.

In the meantime, I need to buy a rug, an IKEA expedit, and art for the walls. And fabric for curtains and a crib skirt. And new blinds for the windows.

Baby Furniture

Baby Furniture

Last weekend we finished buying the big ticket baby items. Still a bit shocked that in another few weeks there will be a baby lying in that bed. Scary!

buy baby furniture

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