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Large Tv Furniture : Scandinavian Furniture Brands.

Large Tv Furniture

large tv furniture

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large tv stand

large tv stand

The television and the stand are for sale. The stand is has two panels that come out with a large amount of storage space underneath. I've kept my whole cd/dvd/electronics collection under there. The tv is a regular sized television in great shape - I'm including the antenas so that you can get good reception on the local channels. Sorry, the vcr/dvd player and surround sound speakers are not for sale - one of the few things I'm going to schlep around with me.

Asking price - TV: $20
Large stand: $30

Wooden (Maple) TV Stand - $30

Wooden (Maple) TV Stand - $30

IKEA Wooden TV stand. Comfortably holds 27" TV (and probably larger). Has room to pass thru wires from DVD player, VCR, etc. Great condition.

25" high, 40" wide, 23" deep

Asking $30.

large tv furniture

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