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Leather Furniture Cleaning - Furniture Stores Going Out Of Business Sale - Mediterranean Style Bedroom Furniture.

Leather Furniture Cleaning

leather furniture cleaning

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Comparison Before / During "Leather Honey" Treatment

Comparison Before / During

The left is the leather before, and the right is with the "Leather Honey" product applied. It is curing and I will wait several hours if not a day to wipe it off.

My couches (full size and chair) are 6 years old, beautiful and heavy, chocolate leather couches from Z-Gallery. They have not been treated since their purchase. I needed to do something. I found "Leather Honey" and it was highly rated on Amazon, so it is currently being used to treat my leather. See the before, during and after photos. It is the best product and would recomment it to anyone. Before I treat the leather I wipe it down with a very wet towel to clean and moisturize the leather, then apply. Apply it by hand and not a cloth, by using a cloth it will absorb into the cloth and waste the product. It takes time to absorb (2 hours or more--longer the better) into the leather before wiping it off. After application and cure time, I then use another dry or wet cloth to wipe off the "Leather Honey." Even after the wipe off definitely take a very wet towel and "buff" the leather, helps tremendously. Might feel a little waxy or sticky afterwards, not long and that will go away. Realize that you spend several thousand dollars on a couch. Why are you willing to spend $30 or more on a great product to make your beautiful furniture last a very long time.

Abandoned sofa and vacuum cleaner

Abandoned sofa and vacuum cleaner

This is a pretty nice leather sofa that just needed some small repairs. To make it more appealing, the abandoner(?) left this brightly colored vacuum as a bonus.

Piedmont, California (where I doubt think they take kindly to abandoned items of any sort)

leather furniture cleaning

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