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Bicycle front drum brake : Cool bicycle accessories.

Bicycle Front Drum Brake

bicycle front drum brake

    drum brake
  • (Drum Brakes) Consists of brake shoes that are mounted to a backing plate that bolts to the rear end housing, or in the case of older model cars may be present on the front axles also. The shoes are housed in a round drum that rotate along with the wheel.

  • A type of vehicle brake in which brake shoes press against the inside of a drum on the wheel

  • hydraulic brake in which friction is applied to the inside of a spinning drum by the brake shoe

  • A drum brake is a brake in which the friction is caused by a set of shoes or pads that press against a rotating drum-shaped part called a brake drum.

  • A vehicle composed of two wheels held in a frame one behind the other, propelled by pedals and steered with handlebars attached to the front wheel

  • ride a bicycle

  • a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

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  • the side that is forward or prominent

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  • The forward-facing part of a person's body, on the opposite side to their back

  • front(a): relating to or located in the front; "the front lines"; "the front porch"

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bicycle front drum brake - Sturmey Archer

Sturmey Archer Dynamo Drum brake Front hub 36h, Silver

Sturmey Archer Dynamo Drum brake Front hub 36h, Silver

Sturmey-Archer Dynamo Drum front hub. Includes mounting hardware, brake cable with housing and adjusting barrel.
Integrated Dynamo and 70mm drum brake hub
Does not include a light
6V, 3.0W output
Aluminum alloy hub shell
Cartridge bearings and internal brake shoes for consistent all weather performance
Integrated Dynamo and drum brake hub
Sealed cartridge bearing
Item Specifications
Intended UseRoad
Hub Drilling36spokes
Hub/Brake CompatibilityDrum
Front Wheel TypeRoad
Front Hub Spacing100mm
Front Axle Type9x1
Skewer IncludedNA, Bolt-On
Defined ColorSilver

78% (19)

1984 Follis / Mel Pinto Touring Tandem, Rebuilt in 9/2009

1984 Follis / Mel Pinto Touring Tandem, Rebuilt in 9/2009

This is our 1984 Follis tandem bicycle, built the same year my wife and I were born. I just rebuilt it with new parts during my visit to Washington in September. Below is a list of the general upgrades, but check out the notes for parts details.

New parts traded in on the bike:

- tougher wheels, built by yours truly
-handlebars and stems
-rear derailleur
-lighting (schmidt nabendynamo + led lighting)
-drum brake
-cables and housing

Rebuilding this bike proved interesting and challenging. Several components were odd sizes, and the tolerances of french aluminum parts from the 1980's just weren't so great. The seat posts are 26.4mm (ugh), the new Nitto stem needed a tiny bit of light sanding to slide into the fork neatly (wtf?), and the original stoker stem was just an embarrassing disaster that demanded replacement after it would barely slide over the seatpost (grrrr). After two days of tinkering and a visit to Aaron's Bike Repair in West Seattle (cool shop, but a very pretentious owner) to get some seat post and stem shims and some tires the tandem is rolling and ready for action.

First ride report:
Very smooth and comfortable. I put on the biggest tires I could fit under the fenders, and they were adequate for moderate stretches of rough gravel road and perfect on pavement. We had a small problem with the stoker stem/seat post configuration that was allowing the rear handlebars and stem to spin, but a little lock-tite seemed to calm the problem. The bike definitely needs the drum brake I installed in the rear (even on short hills it gets going pretty fast with lots of momentum). We rode it about 15 miles on its first outing and it was pretty much faultless. Lots of responsibility at the helm of a tandem though, so I have lots to learn before we go on a tour with this bike.

sturmey-archer x-fd

sturmey-archer x-fd

I was all set to build up a wheel last night when I found that spoke holes in sturmey-archer hub is rather large at almost 2.9mm. DT Competition spoke I was going to use is 2mm at elbow. Now I have to wait for DT spoke head washers and hope that would take care of it. Alternative was to use DT Alpine III spokes which are 2.3mm at elbow, but those are hard to get apparently, if at all, especially in the length I require for this build.

bicycle front drum brake

bicycle front drum brake

Sturmey Archer S80 8-Speed Hub 36h, Silver, with Disc Brake

Sturmey-Archer S80 8-Speed hub includes shifter, cable, mounting hardware & 25t cog
Hub Shell Material - 6061 Aluminum
Axle Diameter - 13/32" Slotted
Axle Length - 175.0mm
Over Locknut Dimension - 127.0mm
Spoke Holes - 36
Spoke Compatibility - 13g or 14g
Sprocket Teeth - 23 or 25 tooth
Weight - 1880g
Overall Range - 325%
Gear 1 - 100% (Direct Drive)
Gear 2 - 130%
Gear 3 - 148%
Gear 4 - 169%
Gear 5 - 192%
Gear 6 - 220%
Gear 7 - 250%
Gear 8 - 325%
Includes hub,twist shifter, cable, mounting hardware & 25t cog
305% gear range
25t cog
Disc hub axle length is 185mm
Freewheel axle length is 170mm
Item Specifications
Intended UseRoad
Hub Drilling36spokes
Rear Axle Type13/32"
Cassette Body TypeSingle Cog Driver
Hub/Brake Compatibility6-Bolt Disc
Rear Hub Spacing127mm
Skewer IncludedNA, Bolt-On

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