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23 rims and tires : Kanata tires and rims.

23 Rims And Tires

23 rims and tires

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Mavic CXP 23's with Maxxis Road tires

Mavic CXP 23's with Maxxis Road tires

1990~ DeBernardi Led Steel Frame Columbus Thron 49cm
105 groupset (with new italian threaded BB installed)
mavic cxp 23 rims,
maxxis road tires (I think xenith)
fizzik rondine saddle (with saddle bag not pictured)
not sure what seatpost or stem it has on.

BMC Goldsprint

BMC Goldsprint

The rear hub is a Flip-flop hub .. I never use the fixed gear side, just the singlespeed side.
I love coasting...

23 rims and tires

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