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Motorcycle tires for less - Tires plus camp hill pa

Motorcycle Tires For Less

motorcycle tires for less

    motorcycle tires
  • Motorcycle tyres provide the only contact with the ground, via the contact patch under normal conditions, and so have a very large influence over motorcycle handling characteristics. Motorcycle tyres have a round cross section to facilitate the leaning necessary when a motorcycle turns.

day 77: forcing myself to the grocery at 10:30 pm

day 77: forcing myself to the grocery at 10:30 pm

Cat food, litter, coffee, what else do I need?

Thrill ride out here on the street- West Oakland at night is a bit of a trip. Saturday night is plain old whack. It's 10:30, kind of a calm before the storm.

Just up the street is a corner liquor/gedunk store, it's a small family operation, in the evenings a kid works, I think he might be as old as 20. With him comes his buddies who all hang out at the store. Adjacent to the store is a lot, once a parking lot for customers, now a gated lot to park the hoopdies, buckets and bikes. Dude has his own mini car show going on in there.

When I moved here I made a point of chatting him up, getting to know him, his little sister, and talking cars with some of his buddies. I figured the more recognizable I was the less likely I'd be a target - I rolled up in my suburban, waving my leave this one alone flag, as well I've stood around talking about motorcycles with the guys, I invite them on rides and tell them about runs all the time.

Just a piece up the street, on the other side of a major north south is a group of guys who ride sport bikes, I've rolled past them bunch of times, I know they know where my bike lives as much as I know where theirs are - chicks on bike are cool, my bike is safe.

Later tonight I'll hear some drifting at the really wide open intersection in front of the store, makes for a great place to burn rubber. I'll hear drag races, I'll hear the sport bikes pulling tricks, and the Harleys wanking their throttles wide open for the loud ripping echo through this urban lowland. The street culture of man and machine is rich here. I personally love how cars and bikes bring people together in a common ground of pride.

There is a Mosque on the corner to my right (stage left) which always has a great energy around it. I love the fellas hanging around after prayers talking cars. For some reason I feel safer when they're around. Across the street from the Mosque is a christian church of some flavor, it seams to be the new building of a growing congregation. It appears to be a welcome addition to the nieghborhood.

I really like my neighborhood, I like the mesh of cultures within subcultures, the comingeling of men and the prominence of worship, cars and bling.

However, I will hear more than one gun fire tonight followed by helicopters. I have already heard some Ghettobirds going over tonight, it gets dark early these days, the guns come out a little earlier too.

I can get on without the bullets though. This peice of street culture I don't understand. My position on weapons is fairly conservative, and comes from hands on usage and military training (and exercise) every time I hear of a kid brandashing or firing, I get all pissed off about how and where they learned by observation that packing is acceptable and even expected. Carrying in street culture comes with an intent I don't accept, an impact I Loath and waves of pain we shouldn't have to dedicate energy to as bystanders and community members.

I have no idea what the solutions are - I'd like to belive that active participation in community creates a bubble of protection. I know it's not always true, but I really do want to belive people have good intentions stirring in there hearts.

1968 - International Grand Prix OCIR - Suzuki A100

1968 - International Grand Prix OCIR - Suzuki A100

Another shot from OCIR. As I mention in another photo of this bike, I was following another rider just a corner before the dragstrip straight. He crashed in front of me and I had nowhere to go except over the top of him. I ended up on the ground as well. Ended my day.
One of the things we did for the 12 hour race at Willow Springs was to invert the stock handlebars. The rules for production roadracing did not allow "Clip-on" bars. So... what's the difference. The stock bars achieved the same riding position. We also put a ribbed front tire on the rear wheel for less rolling resistance. Did it work? Didn't hurt I guess...

motorcycle tires for less

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