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Truck tire prices - Tire shops in san bernardino - Wheels and tires uk.

Truck Tire Prices

truck tire prices

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65/365: Truck

65/365:  Truck

I am currently "caring" for a Dodge Ram 1500 quadcab Hemi. (5" body lift, mudding tires... the whole thing brings the bottom of the door panel to my waist.) In other words... HUGE truck.

To be honest, I hate big trucks. There's nothing more obnoxious than a truck that takes up 4 spaces because the owner is more than likely some 15 year old kid from a farming town out in Daddy's truck for the evening to create havoc among the old people.

Especially when that kid is a 20-something year old girl with a quarter tank of gas, a new Steve Earle CD, and very very loud exhaust. Oh yeah... and she can beat the pants off of the old guys in their sport cars right off the light.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love my Jeep. I can't afford the big trucks. I can't even really drive them. It took me 20 minutes one Halloween to pull into a parking space at Sonic Drive-In. It took me another 10 to figure out the truck was much too wide for the space and I couldn't reach the button to order food. All-in-all... I drive the truck when I need supplies for renovations. Mostly because it costs more in gas to go to Lowe's and back once than it does to make two trips in the Jeep. A 2x4 fits much more nicely in the bed of a truck than the back of my Liberty, though. Then again, I could probably save a lot of heartache walking the 30 miles back to my house with the lumber on my shoulders than trying to manuver old people who have an obsession with their brakes.

Anyway. Yes. I love truck. I'll miss truck when truck is gone. But for now, truck is going to have to stay where it is until gas prices drop a little.

International Truck

International Truck

Ventura, California. There was a tire store in San Diego called 4-Day for a while. The big deal was that they were only open 4 days/week, theoretically the most profitable days to keep prices low. This looks like thier logo, but with 5 days.

truck tire prices

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