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Cooking Toys For Girls

cooking toys for girls

  • (cook) someone who cooks food

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chocolate is good; family is better

chocolate is good; family is better

Day 360-- I am thankful for good times with a good family.

My mom let both of my girls help make brownies. It was a wonderful, beautiful, delicious, warm moment. They did a great job. Annika did try to put the vanilla bottle into the batter, because at home we put all the toy cans into the toy pan when we cook in the toy kitchen, but Emily saved it.

I love watching my mom's face as I scroll through all the shots I took of this event. You can see her tense and relax, gasp and laugh. She clearly had second thoughts about letting a 17-month-old mix the batter, but they were all having fun, and the big mess just never happened.

Grandparents are excellent.


My 365 ends on Wednesday. I'm excited to reach that milestone, scared because I don't have a plan for that important photo, sad because I will really miss my 365 project... Sigh.


Oh! I'm getting a new camera for Christmas! I know this because I was in charge of the Black Friday shopping online. I set everything up and then turned the computer toward my husband so he could decide if he wanted to push that final Checkout button, which he did. Super exciting!


Craptastic Castle

Craptastic Castle

Oh my goodness, this is the best pile of plastic shite I've bought in
ages! I found it in Poundland (for those of you who don't know, it's a
shop where each item costs one pound) which is somewhere I used
to find lots of cool stuff some years ago. I regularly purchased tacky,
poor quality doll's house bits and toy cooking stuff there but in recent
years there hasn't been much of that kind of thing, so this was a nice

It was actually two sets - you have to buy both if you want both sides
of the castle. The furniture is in various, random scales, some of it
can't even stand up and the people are just rubbish. I'm going to
keep the castle itself (hoping it might glow in UV light) and some of
the furnitures but not the people...

cooking toys for girls

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