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Cool toys for dogs - Top 2011 toys for christmas

Cool Toys For Dogs

cool toys for dogs

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52 Weeks For Dogs: 36/52 "Half Twist o' Simon."

52 Weeks For Dogs: 36/52

I snapped this photo when we were out playing earlier this week. I'd planned to do another shoot today before we leave tomorrow for a pet Trade Show down in Vegas, but -- had an employee emergency at work for the last two days and thus... ( I'm glad I did a silly let's play and photo session this week, so I don't miss a week here!) Plus, I don't have any side views of Simon! Unfortunately, he's so bent you don't see his map of the Americas on his side, which I always think is cool. Map Corgi! ;)

Matt and I both were like "holy..." when he leapt into the air and did this ninja Cardigan backflip and whipped the toy into his mouth. I downloaded the camera and went look at the air there -- and while I wish that the background was clearer, this is simply cool. It happened so fast I'm shocked I was still snapping and that I caught it!

For someone with short legs, holy crud... he is an athletic dog. I still can't get over the air he got on this. He's actually coming *down* from how high he was!

Jumping for the ring ~ 3/52

Jumping for the ring ~  3/52

Earlier in the week Mom took me out to play with my Xmas gift…My Kong ring. I love it. You know we went to a dog park a while ago and this cool Mommy had one for her dog and they let me play with it…I thought I should have my own. So I wrote to Santa Paws and I got it. As you can tell…I love it.

I have to say that I definitely like this picture better than last week’s stupid hat picture. Let's hope Mom got that out of her system.


cool toys for dogs

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