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Ladybug Toys For Kids. Melissa Doug Wooden Toys

Ladybug Toys For Kids

ladybug toys for kids

    for kids
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248/365 - Brooklyn and the ladybug

248/365 - Brooklyn and the ladybug

On Saturday, I finally got over to Greg and Tracy's house to see their daughter Brooklyn. She's absolutely adorable and couldn't be happier. She poured me a nice fake cup of coffee (it was delicious) and she showed me her entire ladybug collection. And let me tell you - she's into ladybugs! She has a whole bunch in her room, some dolls and some toys, all kinds of good things.

One thing I learned on my trip to Denver - little kids and dogs - they don't stay still for long. I tried so hard to get some good pics of Brooklyn (and Crosby, Chris' dog) but to no avail. They just don't sit still long enough to get a decent shot!



... We were wrapping family presents but Miss A took a shine to the cuddly
soft Bee (in the previous image) .. this is a variation on a theme from yesterday !

It was a good lesson in how Christmas is about giving to show people we
care, and not about what we want for ourselves! I think she understood it
and I think Santa was so impressed with her that he has reserved a similar
one for her stocking

We call Miss A Buglet or Looliebug because as a baby she used to chatter to the ladybugs in her nursery ~ because of that people often buy her ladybug related toys!

From the Christmas set ¦

ladybug toys for kids

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