Cute japanese plush toys - Best toys for 2011 christmas.

Cute Japanese Plush Toys

cute japanese plush toys

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Kuromi plush with Pocky

Kuromi plush with Pocky

Kuromi is so happy I gave her a packet of Pocky bread sticks. The box was better condition when I brought them.
This Kuromi plush I found in Ladies Market, Mong Kok in Hong Kong. On closer inspection it is not the official Sanrio licensed. In fact there a few store sell these copy plushes. Real Kuromi plush are available but I wasn't going to right shops.

Moko Family

Moko Family

This display is base on a fruit stall
concept, i add in nohohon to make it look more even more colourful !

Lemonzi is the new member in the house!!

cute japanese plush toys

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