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Hot New Toys For Christmas 2011

hot new toys for christmas 2011

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    new toys
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My new toy!

My new toy!

I managed to work out our finances a little, and managed to budget for two new toys. This is one of them, a teeny tiny Asus Eee PC. It's awesome. Funnily enough, I used it to upload the photo and am typing on it right now...

It's tiny. When it's open it's about the size of a sheet of A4 paper. And it does so many things just... right.

Apple can sick their Macbook Air. I'll keep my tiny Eee, thanks!

New Toys!!!

New Toys!!!

It may look like a bowl of apples (uninspired, I agree, but the closest thing to me)... but it's the first shot with my new toy. I finally decided to get an 85mm and it arrived today ... I opened the box in the kitchen (hence, the bowl of apples) I need to learn to back up a bit since I'm so used to the macro but I can't wait to give it a real test!

hot new toys for christmas 2011

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