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Donating Used Toys To Charity

donating used toys to charity

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Nearly ready for the off, only 330 miles to Bristol!

Nearly ready for the off, only 330 miles to Bristol!

750 Miles in a day, well actually in 14.5 hours has a tiring effect on the best of men. This is the daunting day that faced myself and James Willmott yesterday.

The day started at 5am from my house, and a rather swift 4.5 hour journey to the North East ensued. The reason for the mad dash to the North East with only three days notice was as follows;

James Willmott who is a member of the SWPG, has been chasing one of the ex Bristol Cityline Dual Door VR’s for the last few years, but they appear to be as rare as Hens Teeth. However after a lot of research, and a lot of thanks to Rob Sly’s excellent VR website. James managed to track down AHU 518V, which was currently being used as a soup kitchen for the homeless in the North East (Sunderland, Newcastle & Durham), and was being used for what I consider to be a worthwhile cause.

After contacting the charity, it transpired that they had just been donated another newer vehicle to use for the soup kitchen and they were considering their options on the dual door VR (or what is left of it!). James being James decided to make the charity an offer for her, rather then see her go to a scrapyard in the North East, and all of this has happened since last Wednesday. I had a text from James on Wednesday asking me for a favour, and this was to drive 5141 down from Sunderland to Bristol Yesterday.

We arrived to collect her at around 09.45am, and were mightily relived to find that she started first time. The next stop after all the paperwork and pleasantries, was to be the Shell Garage just off the A1M, to put a “lot” of fuel in for the Southbound trip. I must admit to have driven some horrible journeys, but if it wasn’t for the fact that I was driving a VR, I would have been suicidal after 8 hours of Motorway driving at 40mph!

5141 performed “Nearly” faultlessly, and after experiencing the A1M, M1, A1M, M18, M1, A42, M42, M5, M4 & M32 we arrived back at our depot at around 19.30 yesterday evening, and it was as though 5141 sensed she was finally home after 16 years away, because for the last part of the Journey she was galloping along quite happily.

Thanks to James for the Opportunity to bring a ex-Bristol VR home, and thanks to him for another 300+ miles behind the wheel of a VR

This location is somewhere near Seaham (Sunderland - North East), and we are nearly ready for the off with James new toy.

Day Twelve - Monday - Please donate here!

Day Twelve - Monday - Please donate here!

From the Wakfield council website:

"Taking Elmer to Sri Lanka
Date: 31/05/2006

Wakefield Libraries are hosting a series of Elmer events in June to raise money to send books to Sri Lanka.

Many libraries and schools in Sri Lanka were destroyed by the tsunami in 2004. Wakefield Libraries are working with the Sri Lankan Library Association to raise money to send books and toys.

And Elmer the patchwork elephant, the star in a series of children's books, is helping to raise money to cover shipment costs.

The project will be launched at Pontefract Library on Monday June 5 at 10am.

Cabinet member for Culture, Tourism and Sport Denise Jeffery said: "Children in Sri Lanka have lost so much and we are in the fortunate position of being able to help by sending books. There will be fund raising activities in libraries throughout Wakefield which are lending their support to the project.

"We have a great role model in Carol Wootton, the Early Years Community Librarian at Sure Start Wakefield East, who felt so strongly about the situation she visited the country in December. She worked voluntarily with librarians and communities while she was there. We hope other people feel the same way and take part in the fundraising events."

Carol was involved in training new librarians, arranging storytelling workshops for teachers and library staff and story time sessions for children. She is returning to Sri Lanka in June to speak at a national conference and provide more support.

She has also contacted Anderson Press, which publishes the Elmer books, who gave permission to use Elmer as a focal point to the project. Elmer author David McKee and Anderson Press also donated six boxes of new books to send to Sri Lanka"


We went to the launch at Pontefract library & the children could colour in a square on Elmer for a free draw in exchange for a donation.

donating used toys to charity

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