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Hottest New Toys 2011

hottest new toys 2011

    new toys
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NEW TOY - Lomo Fisheye Camera

NEW TOY - Lomo Fisheye Camera

Something smells fishy....

I don't have any Lomo shots to post yet. I'm shooting some Lomo 100 36 exposure film in my new toy. Hopefully, a few of them will be lomo-refic to post!

I don't know how quickly I'll use the film up, but I'll get it processed and digitally reproduced so I can upload and share with my new Lomo friends.

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All rights reserved
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A friend of mine stopped by to show me his new toy - 2011 Ferrari California. . . ooooh boy is she HOT! Guess what I'm shooting next weekend weather permitting!

hottest new toys 2011

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