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Charter Flights To Amsterdam

charter flights to amsterdam

    charter flights
  • A charter airline, also sometimes referred to as an air taxi, operates aircraft on a charter basis, that is flights that take place outside normal schedules, by a hiring arrangement with a particular customer.

  • A flight by an aircraft chartered for a specific trip, not part of an airline's regular schedule

  • (Charter flight) flights organized directly from the departure location to the destination without any intermediate  stops, usually these flights don't operate on a previously fixed schedule and have less room inside for passengers

  • The capital and largest city of the Netherlands; pop. 702,440 . It is an important port and financial center, esp. known for its diamond industry

  • an industrial center and the nominal capital of the Netherlands; center of the diamond-cutting industry; seat of an important stock exchange; known for its canals and art museum

  • Amsterdam (; Dutch ) is the capital and largest city of the Netherlands, located in the province of North Holland in the west of the country. The city, which had a population (including suburbs) of 1.

  • The Amsterdam Amtrak station (AMS) is an Amtrak train station in Amsterdam, New York. It is located on Railroad Street just off of West Main Avenue (NY 5-67) and is also a popular railfanning location on the busy CSX Chicago Line, which sees 70–80 freight trains per day.

July 27th in History -- In 1931, after world economic collapse devastates Chile, elected dictator Carlos Ibanez forced out

July 27th in History -- In 1931, after world economic collapse devastates Chile, elected dictator Carlos Ibanez forced out

432 - St Celestine I ends his reign as Catholic Pope
1214 - 1st battle of Bouvines - King Philips II vs Emperor Otto IV
1230 - Treaty of San-Germano between Emperor Frederik II & Pope Gregory IX
1280 - Sogen Mugaku, founder of Engakuji temple arrives in Japan from China
1298 - Albert I, son of Rudolf of Habsburg, crowned Holy Roman Emperor
1298 - Roman Catholics German King Albrecht I von Habsburg installed
1360 - Danish King Waldemar IV destroys Visby Gotland
1365 - Isabella of England marries Enguerrand of Coucy at Windsor
1501 - Copernicus formally installed as canon of Frauenberg Cathedral
1549 - Jesuit priest Francis Xavier's ship reached Japan.
1563 - French army recaptures Le Havre
1586 - Sir Walter Raleigh brings 1st tobacco to England from Virginia
1641 - Prince Frederik Henry captures castle of Gennep
1643 - Cromwell defeats Royalist at Battle of Gainsborough
1655 - Jews of New Amsterdam petition for a Jewish cemetery
1655 - Netherlands & Brandenburg sign military treaty
1661 - Parliament confirms Navigation Act
1663 - English parliament accepts Staple Act
1689 - Battle of Killicrankie, Viscount Dundee defeats Whig General MacKay
1689 - Jacobite Scottish Highlanders defeat royal force at Killiecrankie
1694 - Bank of England granted 12 year charter by Act of Parliament
1713 - Russia & Turkey sign peace treaty
1714 - Battle at Hango (Hangut): Russians beat Swedish fleet
1714 - English Queen Anne fires premier Robert Haley
1720 - The second important victory of the Russian Navy - the Battle of Grengam.
1789 - Congress establishes Dept of Foreign Affairs (State dept)
1794 - Coup of thermidor/fall of Robespierre in Paris
1795 - Spain & France sign peace treaty
1809 - Battle at Talavera: British/Spanish army vs French army
1816 - US troops destroy Ft Apalachicola, a Seminole fort, to punish Indians for harboring runaway slaves
1830 - Revolution breaks out in Paris, opposing laws of Charles X
1836 - Adelaide, South Australia founded
1837 - US Mint opens in Charlotte, NC
1839 - Chartist riots break out in Birmingham England
1844 - Fire destroys US mint at Charlotte, NC
1861 - Battle of Mathias Point, VA - Rebel forces repel a Federal landing
1861 - Battle of St Augustine Springs, NM Terr
1861 - Confederate troops occupy Fort Fillmore, New Mexico
1861 - Union Gen George McClellan takes command from McDowell of Potomac Army
1862 - Hurricane hits Canton; about 40,000 die
1862 - Steamer "Golden Gate" burns & sinks off west coast of Mexico
1864 - Battle of Darbytown, VA (Deep Bottom, Newmarket Road) (Strawberry Plains)
1865 - Welsh settlers arrive at Chubut in Argentina.
1866 - Atlantic telegraph cable successfully laid (1,686 miles long)
1880 - A P Abourne patents a process for refining coconut oil
1880 - Battle of Maiwand, at which Dr Watson is wounded, breaks out
1888 - Philip Pratt unveils 1st electric automobile
1891 - Titus van Wyck succeeds M de Savornin Lohman as gov of Suriname
1897 - 14.75" (37.5 cm) of rainfall, Jewell, Maryland (state 24-hr record)
1897 - Dutch govt of Pierson/Goeman Borgesius resigns
1898 - Start of Sherlock Holmes "Adventure of Dancing Men" (BG)
1909 - Orville Wright tests 1st US Army airplane, flying 1h12m40s
1913 - Belgian Philippe Thys wins Tour de France
1914 - Roda JC soccer team forms in Kerkrade
1914 - Felix Manalo registers the Iglesia ni Cristo with the Filipino government.
1917 - The Allies reach the Yser Canal at the Battle of Passchendaele.
1918 - Socony 200, 1st concrete barge in US, launched to carry oil, NY
1919 - Chicago race riot (15 whites & 23 blacks killed, 500 injured)
1920 - Radio compass used for 1st time for aircraft navigation
1920 - Resolute beats Shamrock IV (England) in 14th running of America's Cup
1921 - 2nd govt of Ruijs de Beerenbrouck forms
1921 - Frederick Banting & Charles Best isolates insulin at U of Toronto
1922 - International Geographical Union forms in Brussels
1924 - 8th Olympic games closes in Paris
1927 - Major Bernard Montgomery (29) marries widow Betty Carver
1927 - Mel Ott, 18, hits his 1st league home run (inside the park)
1928 - AVRO, General Vereniging Radio Omroep, forms
1928 - Tich Freeman becomes only bowler ever to take 200 first-class wickets before end of July.
1929 - Dike of Wieringermeerpolder finished
1930 - Andre Leducq wins Tour de France
1931 - Chilean president Carlos Ibanez forced out
1931 - Grasshoppers in Iowa, Nebr & SD destroyed thousands of acres of crops
1932 - Paul Gorgoulov, French president Doumer's assassin, sentenced to death
1934 - French socialist/communist party of People's Front forms
1935 - Floods at Yangtzee Jiang & Hoangh, kills 200,000
1937 - 32nd Davis Cup: USA beats Great Britain in Wimbledon (4-1)
1940 - Billboard magazine starts publishing bestseller charts
1940 - Bugs Bunny debuts in "Wild Hare"
1941 - 103°F highest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland in July
1941 - German army enters Ukraine
1941 - Japanese forces land

Bathing beauties, clear waters

Bathing beauties, clear waters

So I had to get at least one shot of babes in bikinis for my buddies, or else they'd say I've gone soft! And since Karen's overly modest and threatened to wrench my head off if I took one of her in her bikini, I was resigned to let my eye roam and find another subject.

So here it is! Eye candy for the lads. Hubba-hubba! Wooo! Ahem... ok, as you were.

And as it turns out, these are the same two young Dutch women that we sat next to on our flight from Amsterdam to Malta! What a coincidence. They were also on the same chartered boat we took to Comino and back as well. We have no idea which hotel they were in back on Malta though. We chatted with them a bit on the boat and they were nice enough young ladies.

charter flights to amsterdam

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