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Last Minute Flight To Atlanta

last minute flight to atlanta

    last minute
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  • Marcin Rozynek (born May 16, 1971 in Zywiec) – Polish rock vocalist, songs' author, music producer. He released six albums, two of them were recorded with friend band Atmosphere. He cooperated with Grzegorz Ciechowski.

    to atlanta
  • “To Atlanta” (That's Atlanta) is a single by Edyta Gorniak for the Olympic Games 1996.

  • (in soccer, cricket, etc.) Deliver (a ball) with well-judged trajectory and pace

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ATLANTA AIRPORT HILTON "Hotel of Choice Until?"


This was my Hotel of choice until? Well I never thought I would be talking BAD about this Hotel. I went back to the Atlanta Airport Hilton like I do once a year to see my two best Friends. I made my reservations back in May to save on the room rate. I paided net direct rates for three nights with tax my rate was $339.90 with my credit card, which ment if I did not come or I wanted to change days I couldn't for to get this rate I was locked in. I arrived at the Airport early on the morning of 7/28/06 and via the free Hilton shuttle bus ride from the Airport I arrived at the front desk of this Hilton around 10:30am I was told that my room wasn't going to be ready until 12:00 noon so I was to call back later or just come back. I took my bag over to the bell man who packed it in a closet for me when I returned from Downtown. Well I didn't come back until around 2:00pm. I walked back to the front desk and the same woman said can I help you. Yes I told her my name and the above story and she said (SORRY MR. ?) your room isn't ready a guest hasn't checked out, well I informed her thats not my problem!!! She then began to check for another room as I waited she said I have a 3rd floor smoking room, I informed her no I was about to show her my reservation offline stating I want ONLY A NON-SMOKING ROOM, and a HIGHER FLOOR between 17 and the 15th floors facing the Airport. See I'm a Freelance Photographer and I love a view. I was then given what I PAIDED FOR room 1621 as I took my leave of the front desk let me tell you I was TICKED off the one major problem I hate about most Hotels is the attitude they give to single people on Vacation!!! I got to my room all the way down the hall second door from the last on the left side of the hall. I opened the door and walked in. I opened the drapes and got a very good look at what I would be waking up to in the next several days. My room was VERY NICE a great King size bed, and the bathroom was nice also. I had a little trouble with the TV but after maintance came up everything was ok after that. The room 1621 has three windows it may be the second to the last room down at almost the need of a long hall way but for a Photographer it is heaven. Now back to why I will stay at another Hotel next year, for there are several in the area I could try. Like the (RENAISSANCE HOTEL) that is right in front of the runways. Or the (CROWNE PLAZA) that faces the Hilton. And others but I like upgraded Hotels with services in the Hotel so I don't have to walk outside or get a cab ride. Now back to the Hilton airport problems the Hotel booked 2-3 family reunions in the Hotel that weekend. Which ment a lot more people then most times. and during one of my shuttle rides I had just come back from taking a lot of photos in downtown Atlanta when I got back on the bus the driver is to ask if anyone wants any water or a soda they have ice down drinks on the buses. And he didn't ask so I stood up and pulled out an ice cold water. and he said SIR its FULL SERVICE not SELF SERVICE and other guests on the bus laughed at me. I was to tried to say anything but I sat back with my cold water and relaxed. On Saturday night I went down to the restaurant to get some chicken wings to go, I sat at a table for 5 mins before I was helped I ordered my food and like most places I visit by myself. I saw my food come up on to the counter I was 15 feet away from my food but couldn't get it. For my waitress was with a group of 6 guests. I watched my food stay in the counter for about 10 minutes before she came back and brought me my dinner I checked the wings out they were still hot. I paided and gave a 20% tip why I don't know? I get to my room I opened my to go meal and there was no BBQ sauce so I had to go all the way down to FAST LANE on the lower lobby. I asked my waitress for the bbq sauce she said she was sorry I then went and had my now cold chicken dinner. Then Sunday came I had more photos to take Sunday morning and I came back around 2:00pm for my last friend was coming over at 3:00pm when about 2:30pm I noticed all the NEWSPAPERS I bought Yesterday were gone. They were on desk under a painting not on the FLOOR or in the TRASH CAN!!! I then heard a knock on the door my friend had arrived and I told him what happen he walked ot in the hall and up to the MAID my friend had several NEWSPAPERS on his desk and they aren't there she then checked her TRASH and bingo I had my papers back thanks to MY lawyer friend. Then It was Monday 7/31/06 my check out day I didn't have a flight out until 6:30pm I was hoping to have a later check out? I went upstairs to the executive room were I had Oatmeal and rolls and a ginger ale for Breakfast. The morning started out fine until I went and got on the free computer, I was on it no longer then 10 mins when an Old man sitting behind be reading a newspaper I had noticed 5 mins before. As I turned looked ticked off I asked if he needed the computer he said yes I told him why didn't you

Rough Landing (6.24.11) 329 of 365

Rough Landing (6.24.11) 329 of 365

***Today's picture is more about the story than the quality***

Okay, so this was one of the more eventful travel days. I had a 6:30AM flight from Salt Lake City, Utah to Denver, Colorado. I think I was the first one to the airport this morning; in fact, the lights were not even on when I was walking to the terminal (I have the iPhone photo to prove it too). Of course, I was "randomly" selected for additional screening (as I am every time I travel).

So my 6:30 AM flight turned into a 7:15 AM flight when the pilot announced that we had "mechanical issues" that would delay our takeoff. The problem is that I only had one hour in-between my connecting flight & I had to check my bag plane side because we were in a CRJ that could not accommodate my normal carry-on.

We eventually take off and fly to Denver. It was by far the COLDEST flight I have ever been on. Maybe the thermostat was the issue! I could not get any sleep because I was shivering so violently; no blankets available either. I may or may not have tucked my arms into my tee shirt...

So we land in Denver with 25 minutes to spare before my next flight. I immediately de-board and then have to wait for my bag. Take a wild guess who was the last one of 25 people to get their bag (despite having my medallion tag clearly visible)? This guy!

I run up the jetway only to find out that my connecting flight is on the other side of the C terminal. I break into a sprint (wearing flip flops) and barely make it to my connecting flight (last one to board). I do want to call out that at the time I arrived for my flight in SLC, there were not any opens shops to get something to eat for breakfast. Obviously I did not have time to grab food on the way to the connecting flight, so in addition to breaking into a sweat from my sprint - my stomach begun to eat itself.

I had the unfortunately pleasure of sitting next to some high school or college aged kid that had a serious case of lower intestinal issues as well as halitosis. The seat assignment alone made me quickly realize that this was going to be a long flight. I thought about offering gum, but every time he looked in my direction I had to hold my breath for fear of dry heaving.

We taxi out to the runway and start our takeoff. Now I travel a good bit and have a pretty decent feel for when things should/shouldn't happen. It seemed like we were not gaining enough speed and were quickly running out of runway (which is not abnormal for Denver given its altitude and thin air). However, about the time we usually begin to gain some lift, there is a loud pop/explosion and the plane starts shaking violently (think heavy turbulence). The look on everyone's face (including mine) must have been priceless. The problem is that we were so far down the runway that we had no choice but to proceed with the takeoff. We used the entire runway and may or may not have hit the rumble strips at the end - it was hard to tell from all the other shaking going on.

The pilot doesn't say much about the incident after takeoff, in fact, it is not until later in the flight when we are approaching Atlanta that we were informed of the "situation." The pilot comes on and makes an announcement about there being an issue with the landing gear and a solution is being worked out.

We were then told that we would be circling the Atlanta airport until we burned off almost all of our fuel (which took over one hour). We were also told that we would do a fly over so a visual check could be done on the landing gear to determine the issue.

At this point I think some people were getting nervous - I immediately turned on my cell phone (including the cellular connectivity) and typed a message to my wife (just in case). I hated the thought that my last message to my wife would have been about the terrible smells originating from the troll sitting next to me right before takeoff.

Well, after some more circling and clearing of the runways we are told that we are going to go directly in. Brace for Impact!

We come in hard - and as soon as the back gear touches down, the plane begins shaking violently again. Think massive turbulence with the overhead baggage going crazy. I think everyone was holding their breath as you could feel the pilot doing everything he could to slow the plane down (reverse thrusters, breaks, eventually killing the engine, etc.).

We roll to the stop and spontaneous applause breaks out (as well as a collective sigh of relief). Immediately you starting hearing text messages pinging off - obviously I was not the only one with the idea to text their loved ones on our approach.

The pilot then announces that we should not be alarmed by the emergency vehicles approaching the plane, but we would not be able to taxi into the terminal at this time........this is where today's picture comes into play.

Apparently we blew or lost a tire(s) during takeoff. After the emergency crew cleared

last minute flight to atlanta

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