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99 Airline Tickets

99 airline tickets

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  • ninety-nine: being nine more than ninety

  • 99% is the third full LP release of Meat Beat Manifesto and the follow-up to Armed Audio Warfare.

  • In mathematics, the repeating decimal 0.999 which may also be written as 0.9, 0.9? or 0.(9), denotes a real number that can be shown to be the number one. In other words, the symbols 0.999 and 1 represent the same number.

Day 100 - no editing :D

Day 100 - no editing :D

I decided that I would do the "100 things about me" thing... even though it will take the entire superbowl. Oh well...

1. I hate football, but I love superbowl parties
2. I love food... all food.
3. I was a gymnast for 8 years, and I got to level 4.
4. I quit gymnastics because I got addicted to theatre.
5. I want to act on Broadway when I grow up
6. My goal is to be a starving artist in NYC (acting and photography)
7. I always root for the underdog in the superbowl since I don't care about it... I'm rooting for the Cardinals this year.
8. I am a Christian, and I love God with all my heart and he loves me back... It's not a religion, it's a relationship.
9. My favorite actress is Jennifer Garner, because I loved Alias
10. I don't have a TV in my house. Instead, we have six computers.
11. I never know what to say about myself in these things
12. My favorite movie is The Princess Bride. I never get tired of it.
13. I hate homework, but I love going to school... maybe it's because I'm homeschooled and co-op isn't exactly school.
14. I really enjoy getting into off topic discussions during worldviews.
15. The TV is really loud and it's giving me a headache.
16. I'm Eliza in My Fair Lady at my community theatre :D
17. I have measured how big Noah's Ark was. It's huge.
18. I have a hate list with only one person on it.
19. I think I will get myself some food now.
20. I always procrastinate on my homework.
21. I play the piano, and I've taken lessons for 8 years... My teacher says she can't really teach me anymore
22. I used to hate taking pictures of people... now I love it!
23. I've been to New York City twice already, and I'm going a third time when I turn 16 in April
24. I am the oldest of five kids.
25. My dad's side of the family is very loud and always fun... His siblings all married Spaniards :D
26. I don't have to take Spanish because I get to go to Spain instead.
27. I admire people with lots of stamina, because I have barely any
28. My guilty pleasure is America's Next Top Model... Something about girls who live together but don't get along... I feel so dumb when I watch it though...
29. I love bright colors.
30. I especially love brightly colored skinny jeans.
31. When I was little I used to say that I would never wear flare-leg jeans... when I grew up some I said I'd never wear skinny jeans... now I know not to say anything like that, because you'll eventually go back on your word.
32. I want to dye my hair a crazy color.
33. I love Tim Burton movies :D
34. My favorite band is Family Force 5.
35. My dad works for Southwest Airlines, so I can get free tickets to wherever they fly :D
36. I love watching American Idol
37. I hate showing up at something and randomly having matching clothes with somebody else.
38. I'm scared that my laptop is going to run out of batteries...
39. Balloonshop is the best youtube channel IMO
40. I edit most of my pictures with Picnik.com. It's wonderful :D
41. I tend to start watching tv shows and then giving up on them because they're too frustrating. I've done that with both LOST and Heroes.
42. My favorite animal is an elephant.
43. One thing I can't stand is when somebody takes sarcasm too far.
44. Pine Cove is my favorite place on the planet.
45. I think I'm addicted to the internet
46. My parents are some of my best friends.
47. I'm a daddy's girl.
48. I play World of Warcraft...
49. I always say that I'm the lamest person I know.
50. "WOOOAH we're halfway there! WOOOAH Livin' on a prayer!" Whenever I'm halfway finished with something, I get Living on a Prayer stuck in my head.
51. I have the ability to tune out the noise in my house.
52. I'm having difficulties thinking of things to say about myself.
53. I really want to be talking to somebody interesting right now... but no one interesting is online.
54. I find it amusing that people get so into football (or really any sport) when it's just a bunch of sweaty people running around fighting over a ball.
55. I have a favorite girl and a favorite boy.
56. I don't want to have a crush on anyone... it's annoying.
57. I'm really cold right now
58. I'm in love with Peter Petrelli from Heroes... even though I gave up after the first season...
59. I love kids' movies.
60. I have a cold right now, but I really wish I didn't since I have to sing so much.
61. I haven't figured out which show I want to see when I go to NYC
62. The only reason to go to a football game in my opinion is to see your friends.
63. I really wish I were more confident in my relationship with God so that I could tell people about how worth it God is without trying.
64. The television is becoming more and more crass as the commercials continue... It's starting to scare me.
65. I'm proud to be part of a generation of young people that cares about our world... well... lots of us do...
66. One time, a solution to a chemistry problem was 66.6, so I wrote, "What the devil?"
67. I'm really looking forward to getting my driver's licen

yet another.

yet another.

yesterday was way too crazy and this time change is realllly starting to
kill me.

our last night in orlando was monday night so we had originally planned
to hit up backbooth with everyone just to kind of see everybody before
we took off, but we totally forgot we had to bring a couple friends
home, and one lives in West Palm Beach which is about a 3 hour drive
from us. Monday morning we woke up fairly early to get some business
stuff done before we were gone, but after time passed and dinner time
rolled around, it was just going to be impossible to drive to WPB and
back and still have the time/energy to go to backbooth.

we left Orlando to take Ellie home around 8P and when we got there we
had dinner with her and Kirk then took off to take Geo home. we didn't
end up getting back to the hotel until around 4:30A when we started
packing like mad horses. Aurora's flight left at 8:30A so she had to
take me to Renee's house on her way because my flight didn't leave until
1:15P. we had different flights there because she has an Alaska
Airlines credit card that gets her free flights so that's how she got
her ticket, and I just paid mine cash so we ended up on two different
airlines. not what I really wanted to do, but it happens.

I've never packed so fast in my life. we needed to be out of the door
by 5:30A so we hauled ass on packing our million bags, just so we could
lay down for a quick 15 minute power nap. silly me didn't think about
how bad I'm going to want to stay asleep after that 15 minutes though.
it was just a tease :(

so I got to Renee's and was seriously ready to just pass out, but I
couldn't. did some chit chatting, watching weird movies, played with
the puppys, cuddled, and eventually went to breakfast... errrr
breakfast&lunch&dinner I suppose, hahaha. we had egg rolls, pancakes,
eggs, mozzerella sticks, chicken, sausage, etc. holler@ completely
grossing our server out :)

time finally rolled around to go to the airport and that was an
experience in itself. if ya weren't talking to me on aim yesterday
while I was at the airport -- you'll have no idea. totally consisted of
losing cars, taking 80MPH esculators, tripping over midgets, and going
through x-ray machines. sounds pretty weird, but when you put two girls
like renee & myself together, this shit is bound to happen. I'm
probably confusing 99% of you that are reading this but if I went into
detail, this blog would be never-ending. sorry to everyone on aim
yesterday when I was at the point of not being able to shut my mouth


OH! also, sorry this trip confused a lot of you. I was in orlando for
one week but this was not my move. I flew back to California last night
and my real move is in about 20 days where we will be driving to
Florida. super stoked on fun roadtrips with walkie talkies& lots of
caffine & sugar. uh ohs.

anyway I really have no reason to be up right now so I'm going to fall
back asleep. I have more to talk about when it comes to living in
Florida, goals, going to school, etc., so check back.

PS Taryn it was really nice talking with you girly! I hope we can do it
again :)


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