Flight Time From Hong Kong To Singapore

flight time from hong kong to singapore

    flight time
  • The time you have spent, in an hour-to-hour ratio, hooping in your life. You may or may not have been practicing tricks. Any time you spend interacting with your hoop counts, even if the hoop is not spinning.

  • Herbert "Flight Time" Lang (born 1977) is a basketball player for the Harlem Globetrotters.

  • That portion of the trip actually spent in the air. For billing purposes this definition is generally strict and only applies from moment of lift-off to moment of touch-down.

    hong kong
  • British Hong Kong refers to Hong Kong under British rule from 1841 to 1997.

  • formerly a Crown Colony on the coast of southern China in Guangdong province; leased by China to Britain in 1842 and returned in 1997; one of the world's leading commercial centers

  • Hong Kong is a live album by Jean Michel Jarre, and released in 1994 on Disques Dreyfus, licensed to Polydor.

  • A special administrative region on the southeastern coast of China, a former British dependency; pop. 6,850,000. The area comprises Hong Kong Island, ceded by China in 1841; the Kowloon peninsula, ceded in 1860; and the New Territories, additional areas of the mainland that were leased for 99 years in 1898. All were returned to China in 1997. Hong Kong has become one of the world's major financial and manufacturing centers

  • the capital of Singapore; one of the world's biggest ports

  • A country in Southeast Asia that consists of the island of Singapore (linked by a causeway to the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula) and about 54 smaller islands; pop. 4,353,000; capital, Singapore City; official languages, Malay, Chinese, Tamil, and English

  • an island to the south of the Malay Peninsula

  • a country in southeastern Asia on the island of Singapore; achieved independence from Malaysia in 1965

Jake Putnam and Former New Jersey state Senator David Friedland

Jake Putnam and Former New Jersey state Senator David Friedland

Senator Friedland was a great friend of Frank Brennan. A few years after this photo was taken David ended up on the wrong side of the FBI and did time in prison...but we liked him a lot---David had powerful charisma and charm.

In the 1960's and 70's, Dave Friedland was the quintessential New Jersey politician. As Hudson County's version of the Renaissance man, he was a poet, lawyer to the Teamsters, legislator, scuba diver, fugitive, and, finally, inmate.

Dave Friedland also possessed remarkable powers of persuasion.

One day, on the New Jersey State Assembly floor, David Friedland worked himself into a frenzy prophesizing the doom that would befall New Jersey, Society and the Universe, if a certain bill passed.

"Women will no longer bear children...The sun shall cease rising in the East...Stars shall come loose in the night sky and fall into the ocean...

His speech was cut short by a lunch break. As Dave Friedland was about to leave the building, an aide, out of breath, came running up to him.

"Sir, you've got a phone call."

Not breaking his stride, without turning to look at the functionary, "Tell them, I'll call back."

Braking by pressing his heels into the marble floor, the aide grabbed Dave Friedland, by the sleeve.

"You've got a call."

Assemblyman Friedland knew what a call was. He immediately turned and hurried to his office. Pushing past a gaggle of statehouse favor seekers Friedland made his way to a back room. Dave closed and locked the door before picking up the phone.

J. V. Kenny, political boss of Hudson County for two generations, was on the other end.

"Are you out of your mind! That's my bill! I've been working all year to get that thing passed! What are you doing! Stop it! STOP IT! STOP IT!!!"

And then hung up.

Later that afternoon after lunch, as the Assembly re-convened, Dave Friedland rose to speak.

"Now that I've pointed out the few minor flaws, imperfections, merely cosmetic blemishes so-to-speak, of this fine bill, let me now relate all its good points, the benefits, the bounty, the cornucopia...."

The bill passed.

From the New York Times
Published: December 28, 1987

After almost two years as one of the Federal authorities' most wanted fugitives, former New Jersey State Senator David J. Friedland was snared last week by his own success as an operator of a chain of scuba diving shops on an island in the Indian Ocean, a Federal marshal said yesterday.

''I can only tell you that David Friedland was captured because he was really too successful,'' said Arthur Borinsky, the United States Marshal for New Jersey. ''If he had elected to become low profile, he might still be at large.''

Tanned and smiling, Mr. Friedland arrived at Kennedy International Airport yesterday in the custody of Federal marshals after a flight from the Republic of Maldive, a scattering of 1,087 islands southwest of Sri Lanka. 'Good to Be Back'

He disappeared in 1985 while awaiting sentencing for taking kickbacks from a pension fund of Local 701 of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

The former Democratic legislator is scheduled for arraignment today in Federal District court in Brooklyn.

Under heavy guard, including an officer with an M-16 rifle, Mr. Friedland was whisked through a throng of reporters and security men into an awaiting sedan parked at the edge of the airport terminal. He was taken to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan. He will be transferred to New Jersey later.

''I had a good time, but I'll tell you it's good to be back in the United States,'' he said. He vowed to ''fight whatever happens.''

Mr. Borinsky said Mr. Friedland had told him that he was ready to come back to the United States when the local authorities arrested him on the island of Male. ''The bottom line that David has told me is that he really got tired of running,'' Mr. Borinsky said.

Outlandish Life Style

Mr. Friedland disappeared on Sept. 2, 1985, after faking his drowning death off Grand Bahama Island. At the time he was facing sentencing for a 1980 fraud conviction and a trial on charges of another scheme that could have resulted in life in prison if he had been convicted.

United States and international law-enforcement agencies tracked Mr. Friedland's globe trotting in such locations as Kenya, Paris, Venice, Hong Kong and Singapore. But it was in Maldive, apparently, where his life style marked him for capture.

There, he lived ''very well,'' said Mr. Borinsky, declining to give specific details on how well Mr. Friedland lived in the 18 months that he lived under name of Richard Smith Harley.

Mr. Friedland, 50 years old, traveling on a fake United States passport, quickly became a highly successful owner of five scuba diving businesses and lived a life that exalted his success and comfort.

So public and outlandish was his life, Mr. Borinsky said, that Mr. Friedland, posed for a M

Waiting for the return trip to Singapore at Hong Kong Airport

Waiting for the return trip to Singapore at Hong Kong Airport

In general, 2 thumbs up or 4 stars for Hong Kong airport's efficiency. One thing which is very important, trolleys are free. There are 2 types we can use, the bigger ones for the bigger check ins, then once you are entering the lobby to the gates, smaller ones for your hand carries. In America, it cost USD4 or USD7 to use a lage trolley.

Checking in was slightly slow but when it was our turn we know why. Services are very personalized! The lady was patience enough to make sure all lage were weighed to ensure flight policy was followed, but seeing one of them tipping the weighing scale, she helped us distribute items around so all check-ins were ok. She was very cheery and did not show any displeasure at all. I was pretty impressed! After living in US for more than 3 years, I wasn't sure I like to fly again but not this time.

Customs are cool and quick. Custom officers are super polite. They direct you to the lines that are shorter, and they did everything for you from putting your stuff into plastic containers and giving you a tag for identification. We saw a long line but it shorten progressively very quickly without fuss and WITHOUT ANY FORMS OF SHOUTING. I wasn't shouted at, I wasn't pushed around, noone looked at me suspiciously, I wasn't asked to take out my shoes an so forth.We weren't rushed but yet it took us very little time to get through.

Then I was done. I remained a happy tourist.

flight time from hong kong to singapore

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