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Find Tire Size

find tire size

    tire size
  • (Tire sizing) Plus sizing is the practice of changing a specific tire to a larger size while compensating with reductions in other aspects of the tire's size so that the new tire has the same diameter and circumference as the original tire to prevent any changes in speedometer accuracy, torque

  • Tire code or Tyre code - Automobile tires are described by an alphanumeric code, which is generally molded into the sidewall of the tire. This code specifies the dimensions of the tire, and some of its key limitations, such as load-bearing ability, and maximum speed.

  • (Tire sizing) The correct way to read a tire size, xxx/yyRzz: x represents the tire’s tread width, in millimeters; y represents the height, which is a percentage of the width (it is also called the ‘aspect ratio’); R stands for ‘radial,’ which is the standard design for all modern tires; z

  • Discover or perceive by chance or unexpectedly

  • discovery: the act of discovering something

  • Discover (someone or something) after a deliberate search

  • Discover oneself to be in a surprising or unexpected situation

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78.365; there is no wisdom greater than that found inside you.

78.365; there is no wisdom greater than that found inside you.

And all the bad boys,
Are standing in the shadows.
And the good girls,
Are home with broken hearts.

Day 78 - August 15th, 2009.

(I liked this much better than the version that I uploaded last night, so I replaced it. I normally hate it when people do that, so I am super sorry. There is still a texture on this one, however it's much lighter than the other version. I wanted to have some sort of texture just to kind of continue with the set.)

And ... hardy har har har, because I just copied and pasted what I wrote on the other one:

I am so tired.
I could not sleep at all last night, and now it's just after midnight and I am going to turn in.

Today was the longest day at work EVER.
Sometimes I wish that I had a gun so I could shoot people in the face,
but then I think that's kind of mean. And really all I want to do is anesthetize them so they can shut up and I can drag them out of the store.

My eyes are getting heavier and heavier as I write this,
so for now I will just say:

- I cannot light matches for shit. At all. You don't even want to know how many tries it took me to light a match to light that goddamned votive.
- I am going to go sleep now but I'll visit you all tomorrow.

Many thanks for being you.
No, really!

I'm going to start being more exciting soon. :)

7579 tyres ainttyres.jpg

7579 tyres ainttyres.jpg

so, trying to replace the wonky old tyres, i bought some 22 1 3/8in tyres (and tubes). after a bitch of a strle levering the old tyres off, i find that the walls of the new tyres are not deep enough to fit properly inside the bastard french rims.( which is also why they were so hard to get off in the first place.) apparently i needed to look at the code on the old tyres as well. even though i asked that exact question at the time of purchase. the dude is getting a piece of my mind, and his tyres back!

find tire size

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