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World tech toys : Top toddler toys 2011.

World Tech Toys

world tech toys

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Jules Verne Earths Core Drill Vehicle Wood Pendant Ornament Clasic Steampunk Dangle

Jules Verne Earths Core Drill Vehicle Wood Pendant Ornament Clasic Steampunk Dangle

Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne inspired, this is a neat little miniature that all of those types of explorers use ... a sturdy metal pod with giant drill head to burrough through rock and earth and our world's crust. It has three sets of traction peds to propell it with a single read rocket booster to start up and for those hard spots. Portholes, too. The main body is wood with other materials for the cone and rocket.

This creation is about 2 1/4" long (remember, 2 1/2 centimeters to an inch).

Made almost 100% from wood unless stated otherwise (I sometimes use tiny amounts of other things) I use paint and many finishes, often metallic, and make sure a lot of details shine through, often even the wood grain itself despite high tech themes. They maintain an often retro, sometimes even rustic look and feel to them, like an "olde worlde" toy or something (some more so than others ... I am told that surprisingly many do not even look like they are wood, but like metal or some manmade material... you can usually tell by the photos).

Made of Wood! Part of my "Retro Tech" line ... I build a lot of different things like ray guns, robots, rocket ships, flying saucers, other machines, telescopes and more in many different formats from full size prop replicas to miniatures, Christmas ornaments, jewelry, pendants, etc ... see my main site found through my profile which has many more photos and information. I do a lot of classic looks, but am expanding into more modern and a lot of steampunk, too!

snarl in the eighth dimension

snarl in the eighth dimension

Light leaks ahoy!

1. the back fell off (ah, the high tech engineering of the Holga)
2. I dropped the roll of film before I'd stuck down the gummy tag, and it partly unspooled.

I love toy cameras.

world tech toys

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