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Space Clubbing Dancefloor - Floor Laminate.

Space Clubbing Dancefloor

space clubbing dancefloor

  • "Dancefloor" is the third single from the North London indie group The Holloways. It debuted at #41 in the UK charts. Its title track was included in The Holloways' debut album So This is Great Britain?.

  • baseball club: a team of professional baseball players who play and travel together; "each club played six home games with teams in its own division"

  • a condition in which the ends of toes and fingers become wide and thick; a symptom of heart or lung disease

  • Beat (a person or animal) with a club or similar implement

  • (club) unite with a common purpose; "The two men clubbed together"

  • the unlimited expanse in which everything is located; "they tested his ability to locate objects in space"; "the boundless regions of the infinite"

  • (in printing or writing) Put blanks between (words, letters, or lines)

  • place at intervals; "Space the interviews so that you have some time between the different candidates"

  • Position (two or more items) at a distance from one another

  • Be or become distracted, euphoric, or disoriented, esp. from taking drugs; cease to be aware of one's surroundings

  • an empty area (usually bounded in some way between things); "the architect left space in front of the building"; "they stopped at an open space in the jungle"; "the space between his teeth"

space clubbing dancefloor - Clubbing (Minx

Clubbing (Minx Books)

Clubbing (Minx Books)

A spoiled, rebellious London girl takes on the stuffy English countryside in CLUBBING. The crime: Getting caught with a fake I.D. at a posh London nightclub. The punishment: Spending the summer at her Grandparent's stuffy country club. But Charlotte "Lottie" Brook, best known for her mile-high platforms, an expendable wi-fi account and an unbridled passion for classic lit, will end up doing more than just serving time in country boot camp. In between avoiding the strange locals and cake decorating contests, Lottie will narrowly escape romance and end up solving a murder mystery on the 19th hole of her Grandparent's golf course.

82% (19)

Fortune Sound Club – Canucks Game Five Win

Fortune Sound Club – Canucks Game Five Win

Fortune Sound Club is located in the heart of Vancouver’s Chinatown. Nuanced by the grit and grime of its historic locale, Fortune Sound Club seamlessly blends high and low by bringing up-from-the-street ambience into a clean and modern setting. What was once the infamous Ming’s Chinese Restaurant is now a revamped space focusing on innovative design, art that can’t be messed with, and eco-friendly features; all of which are brought to life by the most official Funktion One sound system.

With the progressive and modern interior, superior sound system, and unwavering commitment to the love of music, Fortune Sound Club adds an inimitable dimension to Vancouver nightlife. It offers a breath of air that’s fresh in next-level ways; thick with haze, permeated by dance floor lights, and vibrating with the maddest sound that no one can test.

Day 51 of 365 - Love life colour and club

Day 51 of 365 - Love life colour and club

Went to Shunt for my friend's birthday and this one technically is day 51 as it is after midnight.

Just saw the colour and movement all around so found a place to put my little camera and took about 5 shots preferring this one the most as the others were either too dark or over exposed.

10 second exposure
ISO 800
Then raised the contrast and saturation a little in Picasa to get the shadows darker and the colours a little more vivid.

space clubbing dancefloor

space clubbing dancefloor

Clubbing: Dancing, Ecstasy, Vitality (Critical Geographies)

Clubbing explores the cultures and spaces of clubbing. Divided into three sections: Beginnings, The Night Out and Reflections, Clubbing includes first-hand accounts of clubbing experiences, framing these accounts within the relevant research and a review of clubbing in late-1990s Britain.
Malbon particularly focuses on:
the codes of social interaction among clubbers
issues of gender and sexuality
the effects of music
the role of ecstasy
clubbing as a playful act
and personal interpretations of clubbing experiences.

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