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Blue Brown Wall Decor

blue brown wall decor

  • Dark-skinned or suntanned

  • of a color similar to that of wood or earth

  • Of a color produced by mixing red, yellow, and black, as of dark wood or rich soil

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blue brown wall decor - Vinyl Wall

Vinyl Wall Art Decal, Sticker, Growth Chart

Vinyl Wall Art Decal, Sticker, Growth Chart

This growth chart measures approx. 36 inches X 11 inches. You can choose the color of the growth chart. Please contact seller with your color choice. Wall art vinyl is the easy way to decorate a wall or any flat and smooth surface, light textured walls are O.K. This decal would be great for a kids room or play room. The decal is the outline of the growth chart and lettering, so your wall color will show through. The picture is not to scale, so measure your wall before ordering. The vinyl material is matte finish, so it will not glare and will look painted on. Our interior vinyl decals are made to last for years and peel off when you want to take them off. The decals are removable, but not reusable. Vinyl wall decals are easy to install. Your decal will come with installation instructions, also comes with a squeegee to use. The decal is already premasked and ready to go, clean the wall, peel off the backing of the decal, and apply it. We even send a practice decal to try out first, this way you will see how easy they are to install. Available colors, Black, White, Hot Pink, Soft pink, Red, Brown, Green, Dark blue, Lilac, Orange, Violet, Silver grey, Yellow, and Ice blue. Colors other than those available will take an extra 7 days to arrive. We can make the decals smaller or larger contact us for pricing. Check out our profile and policies for our 100 % satisfaction guarantee and a little about us. A portion of your purchase price will go to horse rescue organizations.

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Brazan Design Modern Round Wall Mirror

Brazan Design Modern Round Wall Mirror

This Modern Round Wall Mirror is a Brazan original design. It is hand crafted with a ring of poplar dyed a cool aqua blue, and organic forms of Brazilian cherry. The wood surfaces are protected with a high quality semi-gloss finish.

Mirror comes ready to hang with attached heavy duty self-leveling picture hanger and padded back. The back is removable in case the mirror ever needs to be replaced.

Visible mirror has a radius of 7.25 inches.

Complete piece measures:
height: 17 inches
width: 15 inches
depth: 1.75 inches

Blue & brown, Hamptons style: Perfect blues + natural accents + pattern mix

Blue & brown, Hamptons style: Perfect blues + natural accents + pattern mix

The living room of Ali Wentworth and George Stephanopoulos' East Hampton home. Love those duck egg blue walls with the white wainscot!

Interior design by Elizabeth Martin. Photo from In Style Home, spring 2006.

blue brown wall decor

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