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The leaf set hockey cards. Warrior hockey mac daddy. Team canada u 17 hockey

The Leaf Set Hockey Cards

the leaf set hockey cards

    hockey cards
  • A Hockey card is a type of trading card typically printed on some sort of card stock, featuring one or more hockey players or other hockey-related editorial and are typically found in countries such as Canada, the United States, Finland and Sweden where hockey is a popular sport and there are

  • (hockey card) A card that features a hockey player or team. The first hockey card was also the first card issued for any major sport. It was issued in 1879. Unlike football and basketball cards, hockey cards were widely produced prior to World War II.

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Frank Selke

Frank Selke

Frank Joseph Selke (1893-1985) was a 22-year-old electrician when he enlisted in the 118th Infantry Battalion in March 1916. He was born in Berlin, Ontario; as a result of the unpleasant associations that name generated during the Great War the residents changed the name to Kitchener.

Frank Selke was a hockey coach and manager from the age of 14. In 1919 he coached the University of Toronto Schools team to the first Memorial Cup. After coaching several junior teams in the 1920s Selke was hired in 1929 by Conn Smythe, owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs, as principal assistant. He eventually clashed with Smythe and resigned in 1946. Selke then moved to the Montreal Canadiens and won nine Stanley Cups as general manager of the Canadiens. He was inducted in the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1960.

Frank Selke is card #47 in the 1959-60 Parkhurst hockey card set.

Bill Barilko disappeared...

Bill Barilko disappeared...

Bill Barilko disappeared that summer
He was on a fishing trip
The last goal he ever scored won the Leafs the Cup
They didn't win another 'till 1962,
The year he was discovered.
I stole this from a hockey card I keep tucked up under
My fifty mission cap
I worked it in, I worked it in to look like that
It's my fifty mission cap.

- The Tragically Hip

the leaf set hockey cards

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