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International deep silver patterns - Thai silver beads.

International Deep Silver Patterns

international deep silver patterns

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    deep silver
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????? Western-style Deep-fried Silver-thread Buns with Ham and Sweetened Condensed Milk - ???? WeiYiShiFu

????? Western-style Deep-fried Silver-thread Buns with Ham and Sweetened Condensed Milk - ???? WeiYiShiFu

????? Western-style Deep-fried Silver-thread Buns with Ham and Sweetened Condensed Milk - WeiYiShiFu CNY18
On our last night in Kunming, we set out to find an upmarket dining experience, and as it happens, we walked past a newly opened fancy looking restaurant and decided to give it a chance. The results on that fateful night, while not totally SS Minnow-esque, was not exactly the culmination of 5000 years of civilization either.

The dishes we tried were modern renditions of traditional dishes with a pretentious twist, mostly for visual appeal rather than taste. The pickled vegetables were the best dish of the night!

For some unknown reason, many dishes were overpowered by a sweet element, be it a dipping "sauce" of tinned sweetened condensed milk for the ????? Western-style Deep-fried Silver-thread Buns with Ham, or a watery syrup "glaze" over the ???? Dragon Eyes Burnt White, a savoury steamed glutinous rice studded with lotus seeds and sprinkled with luridly coloured candied peel.

Other dishes just seemed a bit bland and a waste of exciting ingredients. The ???? Four Wild Flowers was 4 types of flowers, each cooked in a different style, but with the inevitable addition of dried, fresh, or ground chillies, completely overpowering the subtle floral fragrances. Apart from the ??? jasmine and ??? pomegranate flowers, I had no idea what the There was ?? "gold flower" and ?? "white flower" were. Having just a pile of stir-fried flowers wasn't texturally interesting either, although the pomegranate flowers were definitely exotic for it's boxy prehistoric appearance.

We also had a ???? Soup of Mountain Delicacies, supposedly a starter, but arrived just before the dishes were cleared! The verdict, salty. Well, perhaps that is a bit harsh. At least it was rich and tasty, even if the flavours didn't stand out.

Overall, this was a disappointing and expensive experience. Perhaps we should have stuck with something more traditional, or perhaps we should have consulted local dining reviews.

???? WeiYiShiFu
??? ??? ??? 125? (????????????)
tel: 0871-313-8106

- ?? pickled radish and cabbage - complimentary
- ????? Western-style Deep-fried Gold-thread Buns with Ham CNY18
- ???? Dragon Eyes Burnt White CNY28
- ???? Four Wild Flowers CNY25 - ??? jasmine, ??? pomegranate, ?? "gold flower", ?? "white flower"
- ???? Soup of Mountain Delicacies CNY8 single serve
- fruit platter - complimentary
- decor
- seating
- tissue box
- Julia and Alpha
- feedback form



"Deep is the well of truth and long does it take to know what has fallen into its depths"
Friedrich Nietzsche

international deep silver patterns

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