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Colloidal Silver Generators. 16 Gauge Silver Wire.

Colloidal Silver Generators

colloidal silver generators

    colloidal silver
  • The medical uses of silver include its incorporation into wound dressings to treat external infections, and its use as an antiseptic and disinfectant in medical appliances. There is however insufficient evidence to support its use in wound healing.

  • A pure mineral element from the earth, utilised for its incredible anti-bacterial & purifying properties. Used primarily in deodorants & some skincare, it helps to reduce & kill the bacteria that surrounds the sweat glands & causes odour or skin blemishes.

  • a suspension of submicroscopic metallic silver particles in a colloidal base. Long-term use of silver preparations can lead to argyria, a condition in which silver salts deposit in the skin, eyes, and internal organs, and the skin turns ashen-gray.

  • (generator) an apparatus that produces a vapor or gas

  • A dynamo or similar machine for converting mechanical energy into electricity

  • (generator) engine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy by electromagnetic induction

  • A thing that generates something, in particular

  • An apparatus for producing gas, steam, or another product

  • (generator) someone who originates or causes or initiates something; "he was the generator of several complaints"



simplist colloidal silver generator

colloidal silver generators

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