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Medallion Liquid Silver

medallion liquid silver

    liquid silver
  • The term given to strands of small silver beads which were made by carefully slicing tubes of sterling silver into 1/8" pieces and stringing them together. A form of Heishi.

  • A type of necklace or bracelet constructed of very thin, fine, small silver cylinders originally strung on catgut, now strung on fine wire

  • the Santa Domingo Indians of New Mexico are recognized as the creators of heishi. Originally, they used shell and turquoise, drilled with a small hand pump drill, rubbed smooth and strung. The ancient technique of heishi has been adapted to the use of sterling silver as well as shell and stone.

  • An oval or circular painting, panel, or design used to decorate a building or textile

  • any of various large ancient Greek coins

  • an emblem indicating that a taxicab is registered

  • A piece of jewelry in the shape of a medal, typically worn as a pendant

  • a circular helping of food (especially a boneless cut of meat); "medallions of veal"

"That Liquid Splendour"

There is a sort of undefinable, elusive magic in nature. We feel it but we can't put our fingers on it, or fully comprehend it. fluid and ever-changing.

This charm necklace beautifully displays a delicate antique metal cut-out of a bee in flowers. This is an antique silvery piece with a brassy patina that is like none other. It is "shabby" elegant and just lovely. The medallion hangs on double chains of silver and gold colors.

Approx. Length ~ 20" w/2" Drop.

Inspired by a poem called "Hymn to the Spirit of Nature," by P.B. Shelley

"Life of Life! thy lips enkindle
With their love the breath between them;
And thy smiles before they dwindle
Make the cold air fire: then screen them
In those locks, where whoso gazes

Faints, entangled in their mazes.

Child of Light! thy limbs are burning
Through the veil which seems to hide them,
As the radiant lines of morning
Through thin clouds, ere they divide them;
And this atmosphere divinest
Shrouds thee wheresoe'er thou shinest.

Fair are others: none beholds thee;
But thy voice sounds low and tender
Like the fairest, for it folds thee
From the sight, that liquid splendour;
And all feel, yet see thee never,
As I feel now, lost for ever!

Lamp of Earth! where'er thou movest
Its dim shapes are clad with brightness,
And the souls of whom thou lovest
Walk upon the winds with lightness
Till they fail, as I am failing,
Dizzy, lost, yet unbewailing!"

Swirls of Liquid Silver Resin Black Round Necklace

Swirls of Liquid Silver Resin Black Round Necklace

?? Swirls of Liquid Silver Pendant - Whitish Grey Resin Round Black Necklace ??

A round cup of swirling silver resin. This pendant reminds me of a cloudy day or a galaxy far far away. A great pendant for anytime day or night. For those casual or dressy occasions.

This pendant was hand mixed and poured by me. This pendant is 100% hand crafted and unique. The resin, color and sparkle was especially mixed by me for this pendant. You will not find anyone with this exact same necklace. 100% original and one of a kind necklace.


Black Round Pendant: 1" diameter
Necklace with Lobster claw clasp: 18" length

Please note in instructions to seller which necklace you want.

Slight variations may occur because each item is genuinely handmade.

This can be purchased at my ArtFire: JenniferRay

medallion liquid silver

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