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Fashion tv club session : Mens high street fashion 2011 : Celebrity spring fashion 2011.

Fashion Tv Club Session

fashion tv club session

    fashion tv
  • Fashion TV is an international television channel devoted to fashion and modelling.

  • a meeting devoted to a particular activity; "a filming session"; "a gossip session"

  • a meeting for execution of a group's functions; "it was the opening session of the legislature"

  • A meeting of a deliberative or judicial body to conduct its business

  • A period during which such meetings are regularly held

  • The governing body of a Presbyterian Church

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fashion tv club session - Fashion TV

Fashion TV Club Session 1 (W/Dvd)

Fashion TV Club Session 1 (W/Dvd)

The world renowned fashion television channel Fashion TV presents the first volume of its new compilation album series: Fashion TV Club Session Vol. 1 mixed by DJ Ravin with a luscious DVD of sexy swimwear set to the thumping beats of DJ Alchemic Storm!
Ravin is the resident DJ at Buddha Bar Paris and his sizzling mix features 14 hits including cuts from Roger Sanchez, David Vendetta, Bodyrox, Sonique, Sander Kleinenberg, Ame, and many more.
Alchemic Storm is the resident DJ at Paradise Ibiza and his mix presents a collection of sexy swimwear with 40 minutes of the "Punta del Este" Fashion Show by Roberto Giordano and as an added bonus, is followed up by footage of the best Fashion TV parties!

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Session 06 anaglyph

Session 06 anaglyph

Session at the Irish Times in Victoria. View with Red/Blue 3D goggles. Taken with an old "Stereo Realist" 35mm stereo camera paired with a modern Contax flashgun unit. I have a flash unit for the Stereo Realist, but I've only got a small number of the flashbulbs :)

Sessions 1

Sessions 1

Maggie Mason, Evany Thomas, Melissa Summers and Sarah Brown during the Pursuing Your Passion session.

fashion tv club session

fashion tv club session

Fashion: Club Sessions

CD mixed by DJ Paulette: Groove Lickers vs Irene Cara "Flashdance (What a Feeling)", PLD vs Fox the Fox "Precious little Diamond", Exhibit A "G Minor", DJ Spen presents DJ Technic "Gabryelle", Barbara Tucker "You want me back", Didier Sinclair "Heavenly", La Fiesta Sound System "Decando", Sunhatch "Can't Get Better Than This", Silicone Soul "Feeling Blue", Rachael Starr "Till there was you", Anthony Acid Feat. Ruby "Sweat", Haji & Emanuel "Week End", A Tribe Called ES ft. Jaquita "Dancin" (David Vendetta Remix), Sbastien Drum feat Rolf Dyman "This is House", DVD mixed by DJ Alchemic Storm: Juan Magan & Victor Magan "Dancing Loving(Original Mix), Les Schmitz & Oliver Schmitz

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