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1928 morgan silver dollar. Silver canadian maple leaf coin.

1928 Morgan Silver Dollar

1928 morgan silver dollar

    silver dollar
  • a dollar made of silver

  • Silver dollar is a common name given to a number of species of Metynnis, a tropical fish belonging to the Characidae family which is closely related to piranha and pacu.

  • honesty: southeastern European plant cultivated for its fragrant purplish flowers and round flat papery silver-white seedpods that are used for indoor decoration

  • J. P. (1837–1913), US financier, philanthropist, and art collector; full name John Pierpont Morgan. He created General Electric in 1891 and the US Steel Corporation in 1901. He bequeathed his large art collection to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City

  • a Welsh buccaneer who raided Spanish colonies in the West Indies for the English (1635-1688)

  • United States anthropologist who studied the Seneca (1818-1881)

  • United States biologist who formulated the chromosome theory of heredity (1866-1945)

  • Year 1928 (MCMXXVIII) was a leap year starting on Sunday (link will display full calendar) of the Gregorian calendar.

1928 DKW

1928 DKW

The only 1928 DKW in the USA. I saw the rare car at the 2008 Minford Baseball Team Car show. Shipped in boxes from Germany. The owner spent 4.5 years putting it together.

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1928 Daimler 35/120 landaulet

1928 Daimler 35/120 landaulet

1928 Daimler 35/120 landaulet. Taken at Shannon's Eastern Creek Classic 2011, held at Eastern Creek Raceway Sydney.

1928 morgan silver dollar

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