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Buy silver bullion bars - Wallace silver plated flatware

Buy Silver Bullion Bars

buy silver bullion bars

    silver bullion
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Tapa Bar

Tapa Bar

I swear I'm not doing a photo shoot on behalf of the Hilton Hawaiian Village! The place has *everything* we need, so there is no need to venture out; thus all my shots are from inside the "Village".

1xp RAW HDR rendered photo taken handheld (I had to lean against a pillar though for extra support) of the Tapa Bar on the first floor of our hotel. Every night has a different highly-talented band playing free of charge. Music varies from local Hawaiian, to Jazz, to Pop. Last night was some oldies (mostly 70's music). Great atmosphere and place to hang out at with a chilled beverage while the kids are asleep upstairs!

Waikiki, Hawaii.

This Is My Basement Bar

This Is My Basement Bar

Yes, the bar is orange vinyl, the walls are wood paneling, and the carpet is shag. All are authentic.

I can only imagine the parties that have occurred in the thirty-five or so years since this basement was "finished". Well, I remember those that have occurred since I bought the house eight years ago, but I think you know what I mean...

buy silver bullion bars

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