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Surplus Tires For Sale. Maxxis Tyres In India.

Surplus Tires For Sale

surplus tires for sale

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As recovered to Yalding

As recovered to Yalding

The RSR has rescued this spectacularly derelict 1937 Rover 20 – now the parts are urgently for sale!

We were recently approached by Orchard View Classics of Yalding, near Maidstone. They had retrieved a seriously derelict Rover 20, and wanted to find a good home for the useful parts. After some discussion, the Committee member nearest to Yalding, Richard Bryant, went with his wife Anne to see the remains and here’s an extract from his report:

“Anne and I visited Orchard View Classics at Yalding on Friday morning September 9th and I attach photographs which I took of the car. Chris Wenban of Orchard View explained that they had been put in touch with the lady whose father had owned the car either from new or from when it was very young. He used to take her to school in it. For whatever reason, in approx 1962, he put the car in his garage and refused to allow anyone to touch it. With the passage of time, the garage collapsed on the car and trees grew through it. At some point, the owner died and it appears that recently the property was to be cleared and the lady did not want the car to be simply cleared but would like someone to get some benefit from it. Orchard View have been given the car by her to dispose of. They had to borrow a trailer to move it from its resting place to their premises). It appears that he wishes to get back the cost of the recovery and intends to pass on any surplus to the local hospice.

As you can see, the car is clearly beyond restoration as a Rover 20 Sports Saloon. It would require a new chassis and a new body! However, because the car was complete when it was parked the engine, gearbox, back axle and suspension and all the engine ancillaries are still in place. The engine is not seized and is full to the correct level with very old but clean oil. The instrument panel is complete with the instrument glasses intact. The garage have preserved all the glass and the headlights, side lights and radiator shell are all remarkably sound. The radiator itself is also complete. Chris showed us the items, all in reasonable condition, which he is keeping indoors which include the interior light lens and surround, the grease gun and tyre gauge, the radiator cap and the Bakelite cover over the ignition leads which is in perfect condition.

The makers plate is still attached to the lower portion of the nearside bulkhead and shows 1937 model car number 761186. (the last digit is difficult to read. Clearly the garage do not want the car sitting on their forecourt for a long period of time and so a decision needs to be taken quickly.”

Well, that decision was taken quickly, the club has purchased the car, Events Secretary Nick Dunning has moved the ‘heap’ to the Surrey/West Sussex premises of D & G Classics (07748 983948, e-mail JYX95K@aol.com) and all the parts are now for sale. They are of interest, obviously, to the select band of Rover 20 hp owners, although many of the parts are common to the contemporary 16 hp. We would ask anyone who is interested in buying any parts to get in touch with Nick as soon as possible, as he will not want the mortal remains lying around for a long time, and the Club needs to recoup its purchase price as soon as possible. Any profit will be put towards running the Club Spares Store.

091708 cityauction01

091708 cityauction01

Daniel Brubaker, garage serviceman for the Dept. of Public Services, gets a lawn mover ready for sale by starting it up to test his repairs. The mower will be auctioned off in Midland's annual surplus equipment auction. The city has found selling excess equipment to be a better financial move then storing items for the winter, and in addition to cars, will sell off mowers, tires, tools and other miscellaneous goods.

surplus tires for sale

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