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Old Silver Plated - Silver Sands Resort.

Old Silver Plated

old silver plated

    silver plated
  • Describing something that has a thin coating of the metal silver applied to it

  • (Silver-plating) The electrolytic deposition of silver

  • (Silver Plating) A technique which uses electrolysis to coat a base metal product with a thin layer of fine silver.

Wet sea

Wet sea

In early photography, Fournier Phillips Daguerre, Talbot whose are recognized as the pioneers in the photography, they avoided to admit that the creation of photography is the human invention, they insisted that photography is from nature and presented by nature.As Talbot said: “Photography is only a means of optical and chemical. The image is the traces by nature. Daguerre says that: "Silver plate technique is not the tool to describe the nature, but a chemical and physical process, but this process gave the nature the ability to replicate her own. "Phillips defined photograph as "the natural reproduction under the light . " In the theory of the origin of natural and technology, people are more willing to say that she derived from the natural magic.With the increasing of the human production, the relationship between man and nature began to change, mankind‘s attitude are gradually evolved from” respect the nature “to "conquer the nature ". Chemical imaging films are gradually abandoned. People use the digital imaging camera for the convenience. Photography will enter a new era by rapid strides. but looking back at the uncompleted photographic history, we should also stare back from time to time.I am here using the old wet plate collodion for my project. Miner ? White who is an artist and a critic once said in his discussion about the early photography: “Photographers completed their pictures by intuition, so these photos has a sense of so-called mystery shows a sudden moment beyond time and space. That is why I use the wet plate photography, I want to use this ancient technique and my intuition to complete my shooting for the sea. I try to make my photos look more "aura". And I try to use chemical testing methods to explore photography.When I stand beside the ocean, sensing the moist sea breezes blowing gently, my mind is gloomy and melancholy. I am looking at the integration of light and chemicals, the moist sea slowly appears in the black glass. I tried several ways to describe this experience, I did hope I can make a very precise and quick expression, but I failed. The “experience” may not be expressed by the language, so it is difficult to describe it with pen and ink. But I know that in a few seconds,after the exposure of light, I got a “permanent sea” under my lens. She is also an image of my heart "photo is the mark. "

Upcycled Portia Pose Dolly Spoon

Upcycled Portia Pose Dolly Spoon

One of my upcycled pose doll spoon hangers. Made from a very old silver plated spoon that I have fancied up and decoupaged one of my pose dolly prints on the front.

Coming Soon!

old silver plated

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