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Silver Heart Shaped Necklace : Sterling Silver Cleaning Products : Silver Wire Inlay.

Silver Heart Shaped Necklace

silver heart shaped necklace

Secrets of Gaia Key To My Heart Necklace Silver

Secrets of Gaia Key To My Heart Necklace Silver

I am very proud to present this beautiful necklace to the public. As a vendor in the Greatest Love Grid Wide Hunt I decided I was curios both of where and how other vendors chose to hide thier boxes (now that I have a shop actually big enough to hide it at all if I chose to) and also what other vendors were giving out. I have met some amazing people while hunting down these heart boxes and finally after finishing went back to my workshop to start opening them. The first one I opened was this amazing gown from Passionate Neko Designs. It's absolutely beautiful and after unpacking it and putting it on I was inspired with an idea for a new necklace. So on the back burner went all the unpacking and sorting of gifts and onto my pose stand I went, several hours later after creating the necklace and hand aligning the dangling chain then adding the hearts, heart shaped padlocks and keys to both the central chain in the front and the clasp location of the back this is what I have this stunning necklace. I really must say I may have outdone myself this time I often think less of my items then others do but for once I am truly loving this piece so I do hope you all do as well. I know that Saur Holt the designer from Passionate Neko Designs loves it and I have certainly made a new friend after sending her a little thank you note for the beautiful gown and telling her she had inspired the necklace.

To all the other Vendors who's gifts I will certainly get to thank you for the gifts, the friendships, and the creativity you bring to SL that makes this amazing world as wonderful and beautiful as it is ... never forget this is a world created by the users and for the users, without those of us with the vision and creativity creating more each day it would grow stale and wither away!

To all the hunters I have met while hunting, in the hunt group chat, or who have said hi while I was in the shop, I do deeply hope you enjoy your gifts and thank you all for participating. I have met many of you, some helped me locate boxes I was stuck on, others I have helped along the way ('go go gadget jeweler cam" yes those jewelery skills come in handy in all kinds of ways lol) thank you for being you... every one of us makes SL what it is even if your not a creator, we would have no one to create for if people like you didn't choose to buy from us. I for one am always appreciative when someone chooses my items to decorate thier second life environment!

Silver Hearts

Silver Hearts

Submitted to Macro Mondays under Metallic Surfaces

I love heart shapes, to the extent that if I see heart shaped jewellery I can't not buy it. It doesn't have to be expensive, just shiny :-) This particular one is silver (and was a present from my beloved for Christmas), but none of the others are.

silver heart shaped necklace

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