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Silver bed frame : Silver plating : Silver coins.

Silver Bed Frame

silver bed frame

The Cook's Bunk At the Abandoned Vulture Mine Near Wickenburg, Arizona

The Cook's Bunk At the Abandoned Vulture Mine Near Wickenburg, Arizona

This is a photograph that I took of the old and rusty bed frame of the bunk that belonged to one of the cooks inside the cookhouse on the grounds of the abandoned Vulture Mine outside of the town of Wickenburg, Arizona. The life of a cook at a mine was not easy. The cook was expected to wake up before everybody else so that breakfast would be ready for everyone before they began working. Then, after cleaning up the mess left behind after breakfast, lunch had to be prepared and then supper. By the time the clean up from supper was completed, it was time to go to bed so that the whole process could start all over again the next day. There also wasn't any air conditioning in this kitchens, either.

The Vulture Mine was the most productive gold and silver mine in Arizona history. During its operation from 1863 until 1942, it produced 340,000 ounces of gold and 260,000 ounces of silver. However, the mine was plagued by many problems during its history. It was the target of numerous Indian attacks, raids by ruthless highwaymen, and was almost constantly subjected to the hardships related to the lack of a viable water supply. There were also numerous mining fatalities here as well as the hanging of thieves who tried to illegally mine gold (these types of thieves were known as “high graders.”) The mine was equipped with a small jail and a hanging tree to deal with such offenders.

Operations at the mine officially ceased in 1942 per executive order issued by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The miners thought that they would be returning within six months, but operations never resumed. Today, the mine is privately owned and has an eerily quiet presence to it as though everyone simply got up and walked away, leaving everything behind. The owner allows you to tour the grounds, but they inform you that you do so at your own risk because it is a dangerous place. There is still many millions of dollars worth of gold and silver there.

Midnight's bed!

Midnight's bed!

Midnight world! You can see: His litter pan in the rear corner, beside it, stash #1, on the right side of the pillow barely in frame is stash #2. The bookbag is one of his fav seepy spots, the towels were given to him to cuddle up in while "HIS" bedding was being washed lol. And of course his feeding area. Off frame to the right is the PVC tube he uses to get on and off the bed. He's going to be 29 months old this month. I only hope I'm as spoiled when I hit 70 years old lol!

silver bed frame

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