Reed Barton Silver Flatware - Danish Silver Hallmarks - 1900 Morgan Silver Dollar Value.

Reed Barton Silver Flatware

reed barton silver flatware

    silver flatware
  • This is what your mother would have called “silverware.” Flatware is any item used during the dinner service that has a flat (solid) handle. Dinner knife, salad fork, teaspoon, etc.

  • Clara (1821–1912), US social activist; full name Clarissa Harlowe Barton. She founded the American Red Cross and served as its first president 1882–1904

  • Barton crater is a 54-km (32-mi) diameter crater on Venus. It is the size at which craters on Venus begin to possess peak-rings instead of a single central peak. The floor of Barton crater is flat and radar-dark, indicating possible infilling by lava flows sometime following the impact.

  • Barton Ward, representing the village of Barton Seagrave, is a 2-member ward within Kettering Borough Council. The ward was last fought at Borough Council level in the 2007 local council elections, in which both seats were won by the Conservatives.

  • Barton is a town in Orleans County, Vermont, United States. The population was 2,780 at the 2000 census. The town includes two incorporated villages, Barton and Orleans.

  • A tall, slender-leaved plant of the grass family that grows in water or on marshy ground

  • A tall, thin, straight stalk of such a plant, used esp. as material for thatching

  • United States physician who proved that yellow fever is transmitted by mosquitoes (1851-1902)

  • Used in names of similar plants growing in wet habitats, e.g., bur reed

  • United States journalist who reported on the October Revolution from Petrograd in 1917; founded the Communist Labor Party in America in 1919; is buried in the Kremlin in Moscow (1887-1920)

  • tall woody perennial grasses with hollow slender stems especially of the genera Arundo and Phragmites

1901 Tiger Lily (Reed & Barton)

1901 Tiger Lily (Reed & Barton)

1901 Tiger Lily (Reed & Barton)
Art Nouveau
Rated "Collectible"
Tiger Lily was reissued right after WWII. You can tell the difference by looking at the backstamp. If the Reed & Barton name is in a banner with FORKED ends, it is the original 1901 issue. If the banner has ROUNDED ends, it is the circa 1945 reissue.

1901 TIger Lily Re-Issue Backstamp (Reed & Barton)

1901 TIger Lily Re-Issue Backstamp (Reed & Barton)

1901 TIger Lily Re-Issue Backstamp (Reed & Barton)
Art Noveau
If your Tiger Lily has this backstamp, you have the post WWII circa 1945 reissue. The 1901 original issue has a forked banner (I have a photo of that posted too.)

reed barton silver flatware

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