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Silver Bead Supplies

silver bead supplies

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Lampwork Focal Glass Bead - Purple Majesty

Lampwork Focal Glass Bead - Purple Majesty

Lampwork Focal Glass Bead - Purple Majesty, a handmade artisan glass bead made by me in my NY studio. This wonderfully rich bead is made with tufts of silver infused glass on one side creating beautiful colorations and transparent amethyst glass over white on next to it to give added depth. It then has a stripe of silver dichroic giving it added richness. The bead measures 30x25mm.

Bead Lot 1

Bead Lot 1

Available for trade! Beads include wood, metal, seed, shell and plastic. $2 each bag (if you need close ups, send me a message!)

- 1 + 4 are wooden beads
- 2 are shell

Not available / already traded:
- 3, 5, 6, 7, 8

silver bead supplies

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