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5th Wheel Show

5th wheel show

    wheel show
  • A wheel series is a term applied in the broadcast television industry to a television program in which two or more regular series are rotated with the same time slot.

  • 5 (five) is a number, numeral, and glyph. It is the natural number following 4 and preceding 6.

  • The Fifth Amendment (Amendment V) to the United States Constitution, which is part of the Bill of Rights, protects against abuse of government authority in a legal procedure. Its guarantees stem from English common law which traces back to the Magna Carta in 1215.

  • fifth: coming next after the fourth and just before the sixth in position

5th wheel show - Rescue Me:

Rescue Me: The Complete Fifth Season

Rescue Me: The Complete Fifth Season

The men of 62 Truck are back for the Emmy®-nominated fifth season! This season, Denis Leary and the gang deal with death, love, conspiracy theories, alcoholism, cancer and more as they look to the future while under the shadow of a haunting past. Loaded with DVD extras!

For those disappointed in season 4 (as series cocreator Peter Tolan candidly admits in a season retrospective included as a bonus feature), season 5 should rekindle your passion for Rescue Me. The backbone of these first 11 episodes is the introduction of a French journalist (Karina Lombard), who is writing a book in anticipation of the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Her interviews with the firefighters as well as family members of those who perished in the attack (Callie Thorne's Sheila is a particular standout) have the same force as those in the classic M*A*S*H episode "The Interview." Tommy Gavin's year-long sobriety is put to the ultimate test when he is rocked by news footage that seems to show that his cousin Jimmy did not die in the first tower, as everyone believed. It forces Tommy (an Emmy-worthy Dennis Leary) to confront what happened that day and how he did--and did not--respond. "Are you haunted, Tommy?" the journalist asks. That's an understatement; he falls off the wagon and his ghosts return. Tommy is further put through the wringer by his wildly dysfunctional family, including his estranged wife Janet (Andrea Roth), who is now seeing a belligerent, wheelchair-bound alcoholic and pill popper (Michael J. Fox in his Emmy-winning performance); his oldest daughter Colleen (Natalie Distler), who is secretly seeing Black Shawn (Larenz Tate) and unnerves him with her precocious sexual prowess; and his younger daughter Katy (Olivia Crociccia), now attending an elite private school, where she has created a new identity for herself (and her parents). Among the other developments that will resonate throughout the season are the firefighters purchasing a bar; Franco (Daniel Sunjata) embarking on a boxing career; the return of Candy, who bilked and deserted Lou (John Scurti) back in season 2; and Sean's (Steven Pasquale) back pain, which is initially treated as comic relief, but takes a more devastating turn. Rescue Me can turn on a dime between "deep thought and personal wisdom" and crude, base humor. Its fatalistic sensibility and close-knit camaraderie is akin to Howard Hawks's Only Angels Have Wings. As for Tommy, who is described as "a great fireman, selfish, spiteful, hit-the-nail-on-the-head kind of guy," he tries desperately to keep it all together. After he beats his Section Eight, Deputy Chief Feinberg (Jerry Adler) warns him about stepping out of line in the future. "Since it's you, it could happen at any time," he states.

The 11 episodes that conclude Rescue Me's smokin' fifth season go from carpe diem to some very bad karma for Tommy. "You seem to do whatever you want and nothing bad ever happens to you," Uncle Teddy (Lenny Clarke) states in the tense final moments of the harrowing and possibly game-changing finale. That's not entirely true. Tommy's family and personal life remain compellingly complicated: he falls off the wagon after a year of sobriety and tries to jle supposed "no-strings" relationships with the volatile meds-upped Sheila and his estranged wife, Janet (Andrea Roth), who finally issues Tommy an ultimatum. Sparking the season's final episodes is Maura Tierney as "hot older chick" Kelly, who intrigues Tommy after she rushes back into a burning building to retrieve a mysterious suitcase. "We're not a happy-type show," Leary states during a convivial cast-member "family dinner," the most substantial of this three-disc set's special features. But there are some inspired comic set pieces, including one grocery store excursion with Tommy, Lou (John Scurti), and company that descends into chaos. Other comic subplots (Franco taking up boxing and Mike's awful bar band) mercifully fizzle out. There is also some satisfying payback as Lou turns the tables on Candy, his ex-hooker, ex-thief girlfriend from season 2 with whom he is reunited. Rescue Me did not mellow in this fifth season. The banter is as profane as ever ("Too far, dude"), the worldview remains char black (Tommy subverts an intervention by pouring drinks for all), and the show continues to take bold chances. Suffice to say that one doesn't expect a Busby Berkeley musical homage from Rescue Me. As with all good cliffhanger endings, this season's conclusion leaves viewers eager to see what awaits on the other side. --Donald Liebenson

86% (13)

MichLTC at Saline, Michigan Rails on Wheels Train Show, November 30, 2008

MichLTC at Saline, Michigan Rails on Wheels Train Show, November 30, 2008

My custom 8-wide Hogwart's Express in front of Steve Grant's rock concert (on the left) and my mid-rise block of buildings. The tallest building is a replica of a real Detroit building, the original Penobscot building of 1905; the other buildings are not based on prototype. There are more photos in my brickshelf account.

MichLTC at Saline, Michigan Rails on Wheels Train Show, November 30, 2008

MichLTC at Saline, Michigan Rails on Wheels Train Show, November 30, 2008

The Michigan Lego Train Club's 5x20 foot display at the Rails on Wheels Train Show in Saline Michigan. The building in the foreground is Lester's replica of the Columbian Embassy in Washington DC.

5th wheel show

5th wheel show


JOHNNY LIGHTNING 2006 MONOPOLY SERIES: Check out the new look in Monopoly cars from Johnny Lightning. This fresh approach features iconic Monopoly images applied to the vehicles in a style similar to pop Art of the 1960's. Oversized graphics cover large areas of the car, sometimes wrapping, unbroken, from hood to fender. Included with the vehicle is a game token you have used all your life...except these replicate the Johnny Lightning car in the package. For over ten years, Johnny Lightning has defined the die cast collector's market by offering vehicles for the discriminating collector. Quality construction, realistic details, and popular subject matter make Johnny Lightning The Collector's Choice. Ages 8 and up. From RC2

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