Tsw Wheel Weights. Big Horn 5th Wheel Trailers.

Tsw Wheel Weights

tsw wheel weights

    wheel weights
  • weights attached to a wheel to balance a tire & wheel. The weights can be on the inside or outside of the wheel and can be clipped, taped or self-adhered to the wheel.

  • TSW may refer to: *Television South West, the ITV franchise former holder for the South West England region from 1 January 1982 until 31 December 1992, broadcasting from the former Westward Television studios in Plymouth, Devon.

  • Transvestite sex worker

tsw wheel weights - 18" x

18" x 8" TSW Wheels Willow (Painted/Matte Bronze) Wheels (Quantity: 1)


The Willow Springs International Motorsports Park is located in Willow Springs, California, known as "Fastest Road in the West". This race track was constructed in 1952 and has a challenging 2.5 mile long road that enables high average speeds. It is possible to exceed 160mph on the front straightway. In 1987, Michael Andretti in a CART Indycar achieved an overall track record of 136 mph, 01: 06:050. The tracks layout has several elevation changes – it starts on the desert floor and moves into the foothills and provides an almost complete view of the track from any vantage point.

80% (10)

Trivia Wheel weights 02

Trivia Wheel weights 02

I wonder how much weight there would be on the outer rim if the inner weight had been removed.

tsw wheel weights

tsw wheel weights

Pioneer TS-W303R 12

Pioneer Champion TS-W303R Subwoofer TS-W303R 1281

The 12-inch TS-W303R handles an impressive 1200 watts max. (250 watts nominal power), and features Pioneer's extremely strong and lightweight IMPP Composite Cone Woofer, for improved sensitivity and reduced distortion.
Pioneer's Champion Series Subs
Superior Sound and Savings
Pioneer Champion Series subwoofers give you more bass for your budget. Delivering up to 1500 watts of exceptionally powerful thumping bass, this subwoofer enables you to build a great system at an affordable price.
Powerful Performance
Champion Series subwoofers boast Pioneer's legendary design and reliability. Constructed with the highest-quality materials, including a red IMPP cone that handles loud volume and high temperatures, the Champion Series is built to last.
Installation Flexibility
To allow for greater flexibility and easy installation, all Champion Series speaker terminals have been placed on one side of the subwoofer rather than both sides like conventional subwoofers.

TS-W303R Features
Lightweight Composite IMPP Cone
IMPP is a standard for subwoofer cones, as it means a cone that is lightweight, rigid, well damped, and stable in temperature extremes.
Urethane Surround
A sub's surround plays a key role in its overall performance. In order for bass response to be clear and tight, the surround has to respond evenly around its entire circumference without flexing or puckering, even at high volume levels. That's why Pioneer uses urethane, which is strong and stable, allowing plenty of speaker excursion and reducing distortion.
Six-Layer Voice Coil
The six-layer, long voice coil of this sub allows for more power handling.
Spring-Compression Binding Posts
Why does Pioneer use Spring-Compression Binding Posts, instead of standard speaker wire terminals? So your speaker wire NEVER shakes loose due to vibration (either from the road or from your music). When you insert the wire, the connector keeps a constant pressure on it. And it won't let go. These binding posts will accept wire as large as 8-gauge.
Add Newly Designed Spoke Grilles
Pioneer also recommends covering up your subwoofer with the UD-G308. This stylish spoke grille is a must add-on when building a system and gives the look of pure professionalism.

12-inch component subwoofer with 1200 watts max power.
Click to enlarge.

TS-W303R Specs
Woofer Cone Material:IMPP Composite & Paper
Voice Coil:6 Layer, Long Voice Coil
Voice Coil Wire:Copper
Damper (Spider):Nomex
Magnet Construction:Strontium (32oz)
Basket Design:Stamped Basket with Magnet Cover
Wire Terminals:Integrated Single-Sided Silver Compression Terminals
Watts MAX. Music Power:1200 Watts
Watts Nominal Power Handling:250 Watts
Frequency Response:20 ~ 180Hz
Ohm Rating:4 ohm
Recommended Enclosure:0.85 ~ 1.75 Cubic Feet
Dimensions:12-7/8" x 6"
Mounting Depth:5-1/4"
Accessory Grill:UD-G308

Pioneer Car Audio Systems
Pioneer's Mobile Business Group is known for offering the kind of in-car products that make driving more enjoyable by offering high quality audio and video, seamless connectivity and ease-of-use. Its focus is on the development of new digital technologies including audio video, navigation and satellite radio, while maintaining its strong heritage in products for car audio enthusiasts and sound competitors.

What's in the Box
Pioneer TS-W303R Subwoofer, Mounting Screws/Washers, Installation Guide

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