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Bike Computer With Temperature

bike computer with temperature

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2006 Dayton Hamvention, or Bust!

2006 Dayton Hamvention, or Bust!

Atlanta Scavenger Hunt #8, Wild Card! #9 "Photographs with Stories"

It's that time of year again, the middle of May. It used to be the end of April, but the weather was so bad, the powers that be changed the dates in hopes of warmer temperatures and less rain.

It worked, some.... You see it always rains at Dayton.

Yep. It's time for the Dayton Hamvention. Think Daytona Bike Week, except there are no motorcycles, no biker babes flashign their "headlights", etc. And everybody is fat, or old, or both. And has a radio. Some folks have multiple radios, on themselves, on their cars. As one woman told me one time " radios strapped all over their bodies...".

Yep. At the Dayton Hamvention everybody has a radio or two (or three), and the antennae to go with them. Everthing Ham radio. New equipment vendors 9Kenwood, ICOM, Yaesu, TenTec, M2, etc.) set-up big booths in Hara Arena and show their new products. The big vendors five away gree hats. Let's see, 12 years, yep, I've got 12 different colors of Yaesu hats. Other related vendors sell everything from power supplies to computers to salted nuts. Yep.

The outside parking area of the arena is a huge fleamarket. Huge. Think of any given Braves home game, except everybody is a Ham Radio operator with a pickup truck or statonwagon with the tailgate down and stuff to sell. Good stuff. We call it the "boneyard", and "if you can't find it at Dayton, you can't find it.

We usually leave Atlanta 6:00am in the morning. We drive for 8 hours, it's an easy drive. Just take I-75 North, then turn left when you get to Dayton. We pass the time by using our various radios to talk back and forth to each other in our group, and to other Hams, some of them all around the World.

We have a real good time.

We do the Dayton Hamvention Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There is a lot to see, you understand. Think Comdex, but for total geeks, real geeks. We seek out and buy bargains. We usually hit it for an hour or two Sunday morning, then depart, and make the 8 hour drive back to Atlanta. Note, the dirve back is always easier because it is, in fact, all "downhill". LOL.

When we return, most of us have some odd piece of junk we know full well we'll never use, never turn into that sweet 100 Watt CW transmitter, just by snipping a wire here and adding an obscure capacitor there. Junk for our junk piles.

But we do have fun....

Think Dayton!

TTY soon es 73 de KE4ENI..

They told me I could meet some handsome Italian men if I just rode around this place on a bike. So far, all I've met are tourists...

They told me I could meet some handsome Italian men if I just rode around this place on a bike. So far, all I've met are tourists...

(note: more details later, as time permits)


I have visited Rome's Piazza del Popolo on several occasions over a period of nearly 40 years, and have taken numerous photos there. Though I've had a few early-morning photo sessions, most of my visits have been in the afternoon -- when I have simply walked around the broad, open plaza to photograph whatever interesting sights and people presented themselves. On this most recent visit in May 2011, I arrived on a Wednesday afternoon, after finishing the first of two computer seminars that brought me to Rome on this trip.

The sun was out, the temperature was mild -- and as usual, the piazza was filled with numerous tourists and students and children, older people out for an afternoon stroll, families, couples, and people coming and going to church services at nearby churches. On some occasions, there have been marching bands, government-sponsored celebrations and even impromptu soccer games among the various children and street urchins. This time, there was an energetic blues/rock band that set up their gear right next to the central obelisk and fountains and played song after song in Italian, for anyone who would listen.

I took roughly 450 photos during this visit to Piazza del Popolo; and since I had a relatively DSLR camera (Sony alpha-55) that shoots both still and video, I also shot a few video clips of the afore-mentioned band. I've winnowed the collection down to 50 that I think you'll find interesting...

bike computer with temperature

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