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Mini bike brake parts. Mountain bike adrenaline (2008). Trek single speed bike

Mini Bike Brake Parts

mini bike brake parts

    bike brake
  • Bicycle brake systems are used to slow down or stop a bicycle. There have been various types of brakes used throughout history, and several are still in use today. The three main types are: rim brakes, disc brakes, and drum brakes.

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This frame is for sale as frame only (including BB), frameset (frame, BB, HS and fork), or as a complete bike. The wheels are also available separately.

I have ridden this bike one time, for about six miles. It's everything I expected it to be but it confirmed why I haven't owned a single speed for over a decade. SS'ing just isn't for me.

Frame Details:
72.75 STA/HTA :: 577mm ETT :: 542mm ST C-C
Frame Extras: PF30 BB shell, 44mm ready HT, butted front triangle (three tubes), horizontal drops, Levy Break on seat stay for belt drive, Internally routed brake, NO REAR CANTI STOP (V or Mini-V only) although one can be added if necessary, NO BOTTLE BOSSES. It's a pretty burly build with a 1.75" down tube and 1.375" seat and top tubes but it weighs just over 3lb.

The cost of this frame would be $4450 with all the options and I'm asking $4000 with the BB installed. If you want it built up with any configuration of parts, call me.

The wheels are King Cross hubs laced to Enve (destickered obviously) 1.68 tubular rims with Sapim CXRay spokes. They have been used for NAHBS only and have never been glued or ridden. Normally $2335, I'm asking $2000. The FMB's are not included.

Prices do not include shipping.



HONDA CT 70 On Consignment at '' Let's Get Better Ltd . ''
New in 1979 , runs great .
Please contact $$$ .
From the owner :
I Bought bike in december 2000 from a middle aged guy who used it on hunting trips. It had sat idle for some time before I bought it. The seller said it had come from a ranch in the interior. The only use it had from me for about 3 years was when I mounted it on the carrier and transported it to the Fraser river near Deroche and drove it 2 km down the dike to my fishing spot. The spare parts were given to me at the time of sale. They came from a friend of his that had owned a '79 mini trail 70 . The bike ran perfectly when I bought it but a mechanic friend took it home to check it out and put on a new chain and brakes. The bike ran flawlessly for me in the 3 years I used it. The total running time in those 3 years of use was less than 6 hours. It sat in my garage since 2003.

mini bike brake parts

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