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Cheap Steering Wheels For Cars

cheap steering wheels for cars

    steering wheels
  • A wheel that a driver rotates in order to steer a vehicle

  • (Steering Wheel) Formerly, a round leather-covered steel wheel with which the driver would manipulate a car’s front wheels in order to steer the automobile.

  • (Steering wheel (ship)) The wheel of a ship is the modern method of adjusting the angle of the rudder, in turn changing the direction of the boat or ship. It is also called the helm, together with the rest of the steering mechanism.

  • (steering wheel) a handwheel that is used for steering

  • (of an item for sale) Low in price; worth more than its cost

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  • A railroad car of a specified kind

  • (car) the compartment that is suspended from an airship and that carries personnel and the cargo and the power plant

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1:1 Daihatsu Copen ^^

1:1 Daihatsu Copen ^^

Well, actually... no kit, but the size of my current car almost makes it fit into the non-anime category ;) Picture was taken during holidays on Germayn's most northern island, Sylt, in 2008, I think.

I am a big fan of Japanese kei cars and was pleased when Daihatsu announced the export of their Copen roadster, which was almost 100% identical with the car study/concept car that had been prestented at Tokio Motor Show 2 years before. Not only became such a car available around here, it also had official manufacturer support, a guarantee, and the like. I HAD to get one...

My car is a specimen from the first export series, and one of the first Copen to drive in Germany in private hands (have it since Jan. 2004) at all . Everything is original, it is a slightly modified Japanese Copen with the steering wheel still on the right side and with the original 660cm? turbocharged engine with 68hp - just modified enough to comply with the rigid German legal car standards.

I am glad that I have one of the early export version cars, because this is just as authentic as it can get. 2 years later, Daihatsu introduced a left side steering wheel version for the European market, with a huge spoiler on the trunk lid (much like the 1st generation Audi TT, after instability troubles at high speeds) and a 1.2l 16V engine (which does not need service every 6 months...). More practical, but also much more boring and simply a compromise for European tastes. Boo!

Even though it is small, this is a true sports car. With only 890kg weight (due to lots of aluminium and tailored steel sheets, despite the hydraulic roof mechanism and lots of electric gadgets and an airco) and a low center of gravity, this car is fast and very agile. The German version even runs free and reaches 110mph top speed (the Japanese original is limited) and does 0-60mph in about 10 sec. . The small size increases subjective speed, too, and the turbocharged engine makes a great sound! But you just get no respect with it on the motorways... As a compensation, insurance and taxes are dirty cheap, and it just consumes about 7l/100km, or 39 MPG!

I am very happy with the Copen. It is amazing how much fun you can have with so little of a car, and it even looks good. I hope I can keep it a couple of years!

My latest car.

My latest car.

New car! Dad had owned this for several years now, but he just upgraded, so the Maxima became available.

I have been critical of these in the past, particularly in regards to the steering and suspension (I still think it would be a heck of a lot better if it were rear-wheel-drive), but even though it's four years older than my Pontiac, and with 60,000 more kms on the odometer, it's still a big upgrade for me. The Pontiac served its purpose admirably in being cheap transportation while I was going through several big life changes (marriage, buying a house, etc.), but now that things have settled, something bigger and comfier was in order. Highway travel, which is about 85% of my driving, is infinitely more pleasurable in this, with more power, a smoother and quieter ride, and cruise control.

I've really warmed up to this thing already. :-)

cheap steering wheels for cars

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