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Web Camera Effects Online

web camera effects online

Jersey City shore, Hudson River, Manhattan view

Jersey City shore, Hudson River, Manhattan view

5D/Tamron 28-300VC ISO800]

...and a final USM. Clearly it has some luminance noise issues, and of course the vignetting...but overall not too bad.

Now once again from the top! :)

The point is to see what, if any, visible effect the various changes have when the image is displayed as it is here. I think it's easy to see: at this size & resolution changes that would be easy to see, and highly-beneficial at even 1MP, are basically just lost. Practically ineffective. This is a 12MP shot! Flickr is throwing away over 90% of the image data in its standard display format. Ergo either over 90% of the image data from a 12MP image is redundant, or Flickr is nearly useless for displaying images. Clearly the latter is not true so the main takeaway is that 12MP cameras are vast overkill in the digital age, when most if not all image-viewing is done online. Even though they are a product of the digital revolution, the revolution has passed them by. Anything over 3MP is as archaic today as film was 5 years ago. 2MP, maybe 3MP, is enough, the "sweet spot", where we want to be. Look at an iPhone. Surprise! It has a 3MP camera.

We have no choice, really. Those of us who rarely if ever print simply need much more efficient printing-processes and lighter, smaller cameras that capture far-less image-data and enable us to shoot at higher ISOs with less noise. We do not need bigger, heavier, much more-expensive cameras & lenses that generate even more pixels and more noise. Generating even more pixels only helps those who insist on creating large prints with technology that requires all those pixels. And that includes shooting film. If you're shooting film for *resolution* you're making a big mistake. Shoot it for color, if anything, and then scan your images in a way that lets you put 2-4MP images on the web, easily, at high quality. This is only an ISO800 shot, technically it could be shot with film (probably only ISO400 film given the error in indicated ISO), but one would need either an equivalent IS lens or a much faster, sharper non-IS lens to get this handheld. Or ok maybe you don't care if it's flat-sharp across the frame and you can take this wide-open and be happy.

An Unprocessed Jewelry Picture

An Unprocessed Jewelry Picture

My sisters both run a local and online artisan jewelry shop called Jameson Galleries. Because I'm the brother with the camera and the web skills, I get to photograph the jewelry and post it to the site.

After many hours of experimenting, we finally hit upon the idea of using the flash at night at close range with the aperture closed WAY down (1/2000th shutter speed, with the F-ratio varying between F/18 and F/24 in most cases, as much as F/36 in the most extreme cases). It makes for an unusual effect. This picture is one of the latest examples, and one of the better ones.

web camera effects online

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