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Rv Refrigerator Shelves : Ammonia Refrigeration Compressors : Refrigeration Cycle Diagram.

Rv Refrigerator Shelves

rv refrigerator shelves

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Old shelves, new shelves

Old shelves, new shelves

Finlly got the living room shelves finished last weekend. The old ones were too bulky and fancy and detracted from the nice Edwardian fireplace. The new ones have room for records and the snazzy new TV. Because the new shelves had white paint behind, the wall needed repainting. After much deliberation, we chose a similar shade of red to what we had before.



had to build up these shelves in front of the three 30" wide windows here. all the plants were starting to pile up on the floor in front of the tv & on the coffee table. and to think, this all started with three houseplants I was gifted with just a year or two ago...

rv refrigerator shelves

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